Mystery Car

It was on this date in 2007 that Steve Jobs introduced the first-ever iPhone, a device that would go on to radically change how we spend time in-line at the grocery store. You might be viewing this Mystery Car contest on an iPhone, or one of its competitors, and if you are, good luck! You’ll still need to identify the above car or truck, including its make, model, year-range, and likely engine, but you’ll need do so using one of those tiny keyboards.
Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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  1. Krush454 Avatar

    Its pikachu! I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU!

  2. Leon Avatar

    2005 Subaru Legacy GT 2.0L turbo?

  3. texlenin Avatar

    Mustang, circa 68-72,several engine sizes available……

  4. craigsu Avatar

    2015 Lexus GS F, 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8.

  5. ptschett Avatar

    No matter what it is, it's painted in more or less the right color. (Per the hoon who's only had one car that wasn't blue.)

  6. Guest Avatar

    98-02 Camaro SS, 5.7 LS1
    Suppose it could be a 96-97, but much less likely.

  7. Muddman74 Avatar

    Make- Continental (Not Lincoln) Model- Mark II Year Range- 1956-1957 only Engine- 6.0 Liter Lincoln y block
    These cars are incredible! I've driven two, worked on one. The bodies are painstakingly hand built to exacting specifications. The picture is of a molded scoop which is found on both sides on the hips or above and slightly forward of the rear wheel well. Which if I remember right were functioning air ducts for either the rear trunk mounted AC system the size of a small office buildings unit….or cooling for brakes? This was the most expensive production car in the world in 1956…. The world! Not Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls, Porsche…..the Continental Mark II. If you had one back then or have one today it was or is a status symbol! Only the elite of the elite could afford one!

  8. Muddman74 Avatar

    And if anyone is wandering… can Hoon in one of these. won't hold a corner, do a calculated drift, or anything fancy but that Lincoln 6 Liter will definitely roast the tires. I've done it