Fantasy Finds Friday: Patina'd pickup is a sleeper delight

fff-truck Oh boy… where to start with this one. Well, I’ll kick things off by saying I’m absolutely in love with this beast. From the wheels to the patina to the secret heart that lays in wait under the hood. This is a build done right, in my opinion. The truck is a 1950 Chevy, which has been given the airbag suspension treatment. Under the hood lies a LS2 V8 plucked from C6 Corvette. The ad says a 2008, but that would be the LS3… regardless, the engine in this truck should make 400 horsepower. It’s my Fantasy Find for this Friday, and IWANTITIWANTITIWANTITIWANTITIWANTITIWANTITIWANTITIWANTIT. Click past the break for another photo, a burnout video, and more info on the eBay listing. fff interior of truck

Im selling for my buddy Sam this unbelievable one of a kind Ratrod Patina Truck.  I will do my best to describe this sick ride to the best of my ability.  Looks like Stoners Speed Shop definitely knocked this one out of the park!  This original paint patina body 1950 Chevy truck has history from the original lettering still on the truck from the original owner Mason and Hanger ordnance plant in Iowa who were involved with the US Army during World War II and were involved during this time with the nuclear weapons line at the Iowa Army Ammunition plant (IAAAP) based in Middleton Iowa which is where this truck body was found.  No area of this truck has been left untouched other than the original patina from 1950 .

We have ran almost two complete tanks of gas through this truck and so far we have had no issues at all it is defiantly set for long problem free cruising…

There’s a lot more info [sc:ebay itemid=”271511024672″ linktext=”over at the listing”] as well. Additionally, this eBay post has some of the best photos I’ve ever seen on a listing. Someone is doing their best to sell this truck, and they’re doing it right.


[Source: [sc:ebay itemid=”271511024672″ linktext=”eBay Motors” ]]

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