Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck is Too Expensive for its Brand?

Kia Every car maker the world round wants to one day sell a really expensive car. Some already do, and in fact Rolls Royce recently reported that their global sales were going gangbusters. Pip-pip, and all that! You see, for the most part, it doesn’t cost an automaker all that much more to make a $100,000 car than it does to make a $30,000 one. If they can get enough people to buy the expensive one, well then it’s all whiskey and hookers for everyone! That’s why Volkswagen for a long time let the lower end of their portfolio molder while they tried to push the Phaeton on an unreceptive public. Like that lovely but you’ve got to be kidding me priced VW, the car pictured above – the Kia K900 – is also an expensive car coming from a brand that’s known for more typically providing the cheap seats. I was floored to find out that the company has set an MSRP just shy of sixty grand for the car. It very well may in many ways be a wonderful ride, but where’s the provenance? Rolls Royce can command a premium price because the name and image holds a cachet. The Kia? Not so much. Maybe you’d spend much hat on this Kia. I don’t know, perhaps you really like the car, that’s not a crazy thought. Or, just maybe the Korean company has some not-too flattering pictures of you that you’d prefer they keep to themselves. That’s just one example of a marque stretching their model pricing, but what about some others? Was Ford’s $130K GT worth it with the Blue Oval on the nose? What other cars do you think are too expensive for their brands? Image: The Kia Store

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