You can now own James Bond's Aston Martin DB5… but you have to put it together

A 1965 Aston Martin DB5 used in the film GoldenEye recently sold for $3.5 million. You can buy one for yourself, and with a price tag of $150, it’s quite the bargain by comparison. Of course, you’re going to have to deal with 1,290 pieces and put the British sports coupe together yourself.
Lego have created a scale replica of Bond’s iconic Q-modified ride. Crafted for its Creator series, the DB5 packs a lot of features into its 13-inch long footprint. You’ll find the rear-window bullet shield, wire wheels, and if you life the hood the straight-six cylinder engine is waiting for you.
Inside, there’s a tracking computer and a door compartment with a telephone. If you pull back on the rear bumper, it operates the passenger ejector seat. Slot the shift lever rearward and the front machine guns slide forth for action. The license plate rotates and you have tire slashers at each corner.






It’s definitely not as pretty as the real deal. Lego went with a far …brickier, style on this DB5 than we might have hoped. It’s possible to create curved spaces with Lego, but it’s not easy and likely requires more pieces. This kit is already sitting at a bit under 1,300 so adding more would only make it that much more expensive.
Still, it’s a cool offering with great functionality and it would like mighty nice sitting on your desk or a shelf in your office.
If you’re looking to get ahold of the kit, it goes on sale August 1st. If you happen to be a Lego VIP, which is a thing I’ve never heard of before, then you can buy the kit starting today.

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2 responses to “You can now own James Bond's Aston Martin DB5… but you have to put it together”

  1. tonyola Avatar

    Erk. This creation looks like a cross between a DB5 and a Mohs SafariKar. Save your $150, not to mention the time to assembke 1,290 bits.

  2. P161911 Avatar

    While not the prettiest Lego model, it WILL be on my Christmas list. I’ve almost finished putting together the Mini I got 3 years ago. Then it is on to the Seven I got for my birthday in 2016.