BFGoodrich offers up a proper mud-terrain tire for RC vehicles

If you’re taking your vehicle and getting down and dirty, there’s a fair chance it rolls around wearing a BFGoodrich tire. Here at the Hooniverse, we’re fans of the BFG offerings, including the KO2 for all around off-road greatness. For stickier situations, you have the recently released KM3, which is a Mud-Terrain tire. And now there’s a scaled-down version specifically built for remote control vehicles.
BFGoodrich gave early designs of its new KM3 to Pro-Line Racing. Cranking out RC gear for 35 years, Pro-Line Racing is adding the KM3 RC to its list of wares.
The treat pattern is the same as on the full-size tires. It’s just done on a set of rubber measuring 4.75 inches tall and 1.77 inches wide. These RC tires are designed to fit on 1.9-inch wheels.
This is a pretty cool way to make your RC vehicle match the appearance of your full-size rig. It looks like they’re currently out of stock on the Pro-Line website, but a set retails for $34 per pair.
There are a few more pictures after the jump.


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