Project Civic Si(gh): The kids are alright

high school civic

Is that not a wonderful photo?

That is a merry band of high school students getting their hands dirty and learning how to wrench on a car. Some of them are elbow deep in my Honda Civic, because it needs a bit of work as you all know. Actually, it needs a tiny bit more than I originally thought, and you can see why after the jump.


That is one of my engine mounts. It’s doing a forbidden dance that’s not the Lambada. We’re (and by that I mean those delightful students) are going to swap in new mounts. Since we’re going with new mounts, we might as well upgrade to better ones and for that I’m turning to HASport for some seriously strongly recommended units.

While I wait to order those, the Norco High School students are swapping in a new timing belt. Additionally, our friends at Royal Purple have decided to lend a hand and offered up some odds and ends. Here’s what we’re going to be taking a look at:

  • Engine Oil: Royal Purple HPS 5W-30
  • Oil Filter: Royal Purple Extended Life filter #10-2808
  • Manual Trans Oil: Royal Purple HPS 5W-30 (Honda specs this oil for the gearbox… interesting, I agree)
  • Cooling System:  Royal Purple Purple Ice radiator conditioner
  • Fuel System: Royal Purple Max-Clean

The wheels are being painted black, as I mentioned earlier and I’m examining tire options at the moment. Stay tuned for more soon of course. I will be heading back out to the school for more photos, to chat with the kids, and to check out the progress.

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