Mystery Car

February is the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean a shortage of Mystery Cars! Figure out today’s correctly and you’ll be starting off the month right. Speaking of right, in order for you to prove to be so, you’ll need the full make and model in your answer. Good luck!
Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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  1. Vavon Avatar

    It's not a Fiat 130 coupé, not a Panthera, nor is it a Monteverdi. A Fiat 125 maybe?
    <img src="; width=640>

    1. Jeff Avatar

      Holleyhell, you're good. That's a Lada FIAT y'all posted right there 😉 .

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        Vavon, I am in awe.

      1. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

        Due to video compression, the guy behind the lady second from the right at the front has no eyes or nose.

        1. $kaycog Avatar

          You're right! That's hilarious!

  2. Ewoud Avatar

    I think so top!

  3. Rover_1 Avatar

    Chance to repost from a year ago..
    And the rarest version was the 125T. NZ only, made by the local importer Torino Motors for racing homologation, until the factory in Italy found out and stopped them. By then, 86 cars had been made by the simple process of starting with the most powerful, 100hp twin cam 5 speed model, the 125S and adding 25% more power with bigger valves,high lift cams, 2 bigger twin choke carbs on a new inlet manifold, and a freer exhaust. Only available in bright yellow. On the rear, locally made '125T' badges in red and silver cast locally.
    The 1.6 litre Fiats came 2nd and 3rd to the 4.4 litre Valiant Charger and ahead of the V8s.
    A similar procedure was also followed by the importers in South Africa with their 125s
    <img src="; width="660">
    <img src="; width="600">
    <img src="; width="600">
    <img src="; width="600">
    <img src="; width="600">
    <img src="; width="600">
    <img src="; width="500">
    <img src="; width="600">

    1. Vavon Avatar

      Cool story (and pics), hadn't heard of these before.

    2. Manic_King Avatar

      Ladas are smaller Fiat 124 based, but soviets started to think about race cars even before Italian built VAZ (Lada factory) was ready. They finished in top 3 in long competitions like Tour d'Europe 1971-73 with Lada 1200 Rally.
      <img src=""&gt;
      Later they used VAZ 21011 (1300 Rally). In 1975 1,3L motor made 135 hp, later 1600cc motor 150 hp (1600 Rally). Some circuit versions also existed (1300 ja 1600 Road Racing).
      1300 Rally:
      <img src=""&gt;
      And then Lada VFTS, B-group spec. car with up to 240 hp (with turbo) from old Fiat/Lada engine.
      <img src="; width="666">

      1. Vavon Avatar

        Back in the days when VAZ racing vaz very cool…
        <img src=""&gt;

  4. salguod Avatar

    I love the Mystery Car posts. Do you think that we could get an update on the prior week's post in each new one? They've usually been guessed by the time I come around, but sometimes I have to remember to go back and look.
    Wasn't there one a while back that wasn't guessed?

    1. Rover_1 Avatar

      Like last week's?

      1. salguod Avatar

        No, last week's was eventually as guessed. I was thinking of one from a long time back.

  5. Manic_King Avatar

    One car with similar headlights: Austin Mini GT, here's one very luxurious version: