Hooniverse Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here's a 1983 Ford Quadravan 4X4 on Craigslist… I wonder what the interior is like…

1983 ford E-350 quadravan 4x4 van saletrade - Google Chrome 1172015 72133 PM.bmp
Ok, so this is a rather late posting to the Saturday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, but how could I not share? This is one of those 4X4 Van Conversions built by a company called Pathfinder based out of San Gabriel, California. Apparently, these were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s, so maybe it’s time to combine your love of 4-Wheelin’ with your love of what ever you want to do in the back of a van…

img045.jpg Photo by HoofBeats_78  Photobucket - Google Chrome 1172015 71112 PM.bmp
According to the Listing:

Not a home made 4×4 van it is a pathfinder quadravan. as far as trades i am not looking for “even up” trades i must get some cash with any trade offer. things i am looking for are fox body mustangs, may be interested in a camaro, firebird/trans-am. or some sort of muscle/sports car. they can be a project but i am only looking for manual transmissions. also would be interested in a small suv or full size suv can be any brand, or a truck prefer a 3/4 ton or 1-ton but not a deal breaker also prefer manual transmissions. feel free to make a trade offer as long as it is a vehicle of some sort, and has a title….
1983 ford E-350 quadravan 4x4 van saletrade - Google Chrome 1172015 72126 PM.bmp-001
1983 ford econoline E-350 4×4 van 74k miles with full interior solid axle dana 60 axles spicer HD hubs 351w with c6 trans and np 205 manual transfer-case it is in good shape i have been doing a lot of upgrades it has a lot of new parts and have all receipts which include radiator, plugs wires cap and rotor, belts, water pump, front cover gaskets and seals, timing chain, motor and trans mounts, headers, full dual exhaust, edelbrock 700cfm 4bbl w/manual choke, valve cover gaskets, performer rpm intake, rad hoses, wiring for power, batt, brake lines, calipers, pads, master cylinder and booster, flex fan conversion, power steering box and pump and more. i also have a lot of extra parts for it for even more upgrades like manual transmission conversion parts, interior parts and more. among other stuff it has 31×10.50 bf good-wrench tires it runs great drives great.

1983 ford E-350 quadravan 4x4 van saletrade - Google Chrome 1172015 72130 PM.bmp
The asking price for this off-road sin bin is $3,550, or you can trade him for other things, though I don’t think he will trade for any units… again whatever the hell that means… See the listing here, and tell me what you would do for a slick unit like this… Or, would you just go “ewwwwww” like a little girl…
img009.jpg Photo by HoofBeats_78  Photobucket - Google Chrome 1172015 71154 PM.bmp

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  1. racer139 Avatar

    I believe those wheels are alcoa's from a much newer f-250/350. Either way the bf good"wrench" tires look excellent on them. $3500 does not seem to bad for this thing especially if it comes with all the spares he mentions.
    I'm kinda partial to Econoline vans as my grandfather had a few the he converted to campers himself. Of course his where all two wheel drive.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      bf good-wrench tires is the best typo in a CL advertisement I've seen this year. I know, it's only January 17th, but I think it will be a while before anyone gets their Ford's tires screwed up with Chevy's maintenance package.
      Also, they show signs of parking-by-feel, and are probably older than their tread would tell. I hope they're the right load range for an E-350.

  2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Looks like a fun ride. Way too many large windows for a sin bin.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      "Way too many large windows for a sin bin."
      There's a kink for that.

    2. OA5599 Avatar

      My high school ride was a van with windows in the doors and big bay windows by the bed in the back. No curtains, no mini blinds, no louvers, no dark tint, yes sin bin.

  3. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    That's a lot of money for a van in that condition, but a screaming deal for a Pathfinder or Quigley conversion. It's only 7 hours from me. Very tempted to at least email for some interior pics.

  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    4WD vans… Want.
    I think I saw my first one in 1986, a Ford in my pal's driveway. His dad's old family truckster. I've secretly wanted one ever since. I've had three 2WD IH Scouts and don't want a 4WD Scout, but a 4WD van? Drool.
    It would have to be a live axle one, like this. I spent part of my vacation underneath some fool's GMC Savana, up on a scissor jack in sand, trying to get a dislocated axle back into the wheel. No thanks. Live axles might not handle rough terrain at high speed, but hello! Camper Van!

  5. stigshift Avatar

    I'd take it a Chevy dealer so Mr. GoodRich could check it out for me.

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    Look at those off-road tires in the second vintage photo. I had a model kit (some kind of pickup) that had tires like that.

  7. Ryan Ford Palmer Avatar
    Ryan Ford Palmer

    I now own this van. That’s awesome I found an artical on it.

    1. Tobiah Rex Avatar
      Tobiah Rex

      I just bought a 89 e350 Ambulance. I want to do a 4×4 conversion on it. I’m looking for some build information. Any chance I can DM you somewhere and discuss a couple things, (F/R Axles, suspension etc…)? Many thanks.

      1. Ryan Ford Palmer Avatar
        Ryan Ford Palmer

        Email me. BullnoseF250@gmail.com