Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a 1983 Nissan Pulsar NX; Talk about a True Unicorn…

Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114305 AM.bmp
You know what has virtually disappeared within the American Car Scene? Sensible, cheap, and reliable 2-Door Sporty Japanese Coupes and I wonder how that happened. Does everything have to be a High-Riding SUV or Crossover thingy? Do you have to have gigantic cars just to drive yourself to work? Do you have to have the latest Euro-Prick machine to impress your family and (really not) your friends? Well, let’s go back to 1983, when Nissan introduced this very unusual looking, wedge shaped, 2-door sport coupe to America, and this one is a time capsule…

Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114407 AM.bmp
According to the listing on eBay:

1983 Datsun Pulsar NX. This is the first year of production for the 2 door coupe. This is all original down to the fuel filter. 41,000 original miles.(CHECK THE AUTOCHECK REPORT) A true time capsule from 1983. A true collectors piece. Guaranteed to never find one like it.
Originally bought in Sacramento at Florin Road Datsun. The car still has its original license plates along with the Datsun dealership license plate frames from 1983.
Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114309 AM.bmp
The original owner rarely drove the car. Just back and forth to church and weekend errands. Kept in her garage its whole life, there is no sun damage to the interior or even the back of the rear seat were the sun beats down through the rear window. The interior is really clean. No rips or tears on any of the seats, door panels, carpets or headliner. It shows near new! Original radio that still sounds great. Sunroof flips up easily and it does have the sun cover for it. (in the truck picture) All instruments work including heater, tachometer, odometer and speedometer. (Only the clock is in-op)
Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114344 AM.bmp-001
The exterior is all original with all of its original decals still intact. Paint still shines very well. Original hubcaps are all still in great shape. No accidents. Very clean underneath as well. Brand new tires. The motor runs very well. Everything is original even the fuel filter. I replaced the timing belt, which was original, due to the age of it. Original spark plug wires, radiator, hoses, fuel lines, everything. Its amazing to see. Trunk carpet is very clean. No stains or rips. Even has its original spare tire that has never been mounted to the car. It still has its original stick on the rim for installation procedures.
Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114355 AM.bmp
Original radio in working condition. All original interior. No rips or tears. Very clean interior and exterior.
All original decals. Smooth running motor and transmission. THERE IS NO A/C. The car was ordered without it.
PLEASE LOOK AT THE AUTOCHECK REPORT. THE MILES ARE ORIGINAL!!!!! You can see that the miles were recorded just about every two years when it was smogged.

Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114416 AM.bmp-001
With about eight hours to go until the listing ends (as of this writing) the top bid so far is $2,500, with an unmet reserve. This car should really go for a price that’s quite a bit higher than that, but what do you think? Take a look at thr listing, and share your thoughts… [sc:ebay itemid=”231450411726″ linktext=”1983 Nissan Pulsar NX Two Door 510 Z ” ]
Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114250 AM.bmp

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  1. stigshift Avatar

    The last Pulsar I ever saw was backing out of a parking spot without looking. I had no time to stop, so I floored it and hoped for the best. She caught my rear quarter and bumper. At least I dragged her over the curb and knocked her driver's side rear wheel off. As she was uninsured, that was, alas, the only gratification I received. Florida, of course. I hate Pulsars.

    1. ptschett Avatar

      After all the accidents I've had that were caused by uninsured drivers running into me, I'm just waiting for some news organization or state DOT to publish an "uninsured drivers are 3.84 times more likely to cause an accident"* like I've already seen done for unlicensed drivers, as if the card in the wallet or the slip of paper in the glovebox magically makes the driver safe enough to be sharing the road with.
      *As we all know, 87.3% of statistics are invented on the spot

  2. nanoop Avatar

    I'm not into this time capsule thing, but I like this one thing I found on wiki:
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d6/Nissan_EXA_Canopy.JPG/640px-Nissan_EXA_Canopy.JPG&quot; width="400">

  3. VolvoNut Avatar

    Dammit…I told myself no more old cars.

    1. stigshift Avatar

      Now go yell at gravity. That never works either.

      1. cap'n fast Avatar
        cap'n fast

        i screamed for more than three thousand feet before pulling the parachute rip cord. that worked much better. I find that in moments of stress like falling out of the sky or finding a nissan pulsar parked in the garage, a long drawn out sigh just won't express the appalling horror of the situation.

  4. salguod Avatar

    The first gens do nothing for me, but the second gen SEs with the twin cam were fun. I loved mine, even if it was a lemon. Of course, the SportBak, as seen above, is the best.

  5. zetep Avatar

    That belongs in a museum. Or right here in my garage.

  6. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    As the world's only Gen 1 Pulsar fanboi, That should be mine!

  7. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    No Sportback, no sale.
    I really liked them at the time. Great design, sporty appearance, great form factor. I mean, just look at those Porsche nostrils. But not so much of a performance envelope – in pretty much any dimension.

  8. Drives Dead Marques Avatar
    Drives Dead Marques

    Even though it doesn't have a stick, I'd love to have one of these. I drove a turbo version with a stick once. It had wicked torque steer, but would do 0-60 in 8 seconds if I remember correctly. God I miss those days.