Hooniverse Weekend Edition – My Wiper Wiper Wiper Blades….

Every time I look into the Hooniverse Tips Inbox, I walk away in amazement. Where do you come up with this stuff? Case in point, this tip from SSurfer321 (Thanks Man!) alerting us to the YouTube video “Wiper Blades by Heywood Banks”. SSurfer321’s reasoning for sending us this tip? You will have to make the jump for that explanation, as well as the video.

According to our tipster:

While cleaning out my garage prior to my move from Toledo, OH to Lexington, KY I found an old pair of replacement wiper blades. And by old pair I mean the actual rubber blades without the metal arms pre-attached. Whatever happened to those? I remember that being the usual way changing my blades. Now I am hard pressed to find just the blades. Was it too difficult for average motorists to install them or are we just that lazy?

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Anyway, here is the video, with the lyrics if anyone wants to follow along.

Oh, winters here with all the ice and snow
And the surly slush upon road
The salty spray upon my window
Makes me wish I replaced my wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
I wish that I replaced my wiper blades
Salty spray from semi’s that you pass
They turn my windshield into bathroom glass
I turn the knob but come to the conclusion
That I did not fill up my washer solution
My wiper wiper wiper fluid
My wiper wiper wiper fluid
My wiper wiper wiper fluid
I wish that I replaced my wiper-fluid
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
I wish that I replaced my wiperblades
Down the express way 80 m.p.h.
I can make out headlights, taillights, frosted shapes
But down by the dash theres a clearing where both blades do scrape
I can see fine if I lay on the passenger seat
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
I wish that I’d replaced my wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
My wiper wiper wiper blades
(One time on delay)
My wiper…
Wiper blades
I wish that I replaced my wiper blades

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  1. texan_idiot25 Avatar

    You can still find the inserts at some of the better parts stores. My dad would get them just because they were a bit less. But. I'd rather spend the extra buck or two and change wipes in 30 seconds.

  2. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    Now that was just……ummm…………………………….nevermind.

    1. avengingtn Avatar


  3. Alff Avatar

    On a related note, you know what else I haven't seen in a very long time – the little bits of strap metal that were used to keep the replacement inserts stiff. I used to spot them, cast aside at the edge of the road pretty regularly.

  4. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

    We have a metric shit ton of 14" wiper blade refills at my work. We got rid of the trucks that used the 14 inch blade (early 90's F-350) so I use them to make rear wiper blades for my friend's cars

  5. jjd241 Avatar

    One of life's simple pleasures is a new set of blades. Even the slightest squeeeeeekcchhhhkkk drives me NUTS! The quiet flap flap of a new pair is such a nice thing. The last set I got was Rain-X brand and they worked quit well and lasted more than a year.

  6. LTDScott Avatar

    I'm pretty sure inserts are the only blades available for my LTD. Or at least Bosch doesn't make any full blade replacements for my car, haven't checked other brands.

  7. coupeZ600 Avatar

    I'm I guess a "Middle Schooler", when it comes to Truck Driving. The Old Hands, of which there's not too many left, decry the complacency of our generation and our reliance on those new-fangled compressed air powered wipers because you didn't have to manually move the wiper from a handle inside the cab above the windshield. The New School has only seen the electric motor kind that have all the variable speed settings and what-not.
    I cannot adequately confer the disdain I hold for those air-powered wipers. They suck in every way possible, and why you should ever encounter one in this day and age is truly unfathomable. They just stop, in the middle of the stroke, right in front of where you're trying to see. F*ckers, they make you wish you could just grab a handle and do it yourself.
    So I'm a huge Rain-X fan, and as one of the Old Hands that turned me on to it said, "It was God's gift to Truck Drivers". Before Rain-X you could cut an onion in half and rub it on your windshield and have almost the same effect although if it was really hot it could cook that film right onto the windshield..
    I use Rain-X, and never use the wiper's

  8. crazy frog Avatar
    crazy frog

    wiper inserts have been available since day one in honda dealers

  9. TurboBrick Avatar

    The word we're looking for here are "wiper blade refills". I remember to buying those for my Oldsmobile 10 years ago from Advance Auto Parts for $2.75, and that did both sides. When I went looking for them again a year later they were gone. As much as I would like to believe that this was a case of evil corporate overlords forcing people to buy 4 x more expensive replacement blades, I think it's more along the lines of so many lazy end users who would just rather pay the extra and swap the whole blade. In the end stocking the refills just wasn't profitable enough to justify it. Now NAPA catalogue still lists them so I suppose they're available out there somewhere.
    What did I buy the last time? I was in a hurry so I just grabbed a set of the NAPA 20's for my newly acquired wagon, $10 total. My excuse is that it had a mismatched set of blades on it and that would have annoyed me greatly. My 4-door has a 4.5 year old self of Bosch Microedges, I just swipe a little 303 on them when I remember.

  10. PapayaSF Avatar

    The best automotive investment I ever made was a windshield wiper blade sharpener I bought at a flea market for 10 cents. It's a stamped piece of aluminum with a one-inch groove like two sides of an inside-out triangular file. You get the wiper blade wet (if it's not already) and pull the groove along it 8-10 times. This removes the stiff and cracked edge which is causing the streaking, and exposes a fresh layer of rubber. I get extra years out of blades this way. You could probably duplicate the effect with a small piece of fine sandpaper folded into a V.