Here are some facts about the Borg-Warner trophy

When you win the Indianapolis 500, you’re given the Borg-Warner trophy. Well, you don’t get the actual trophy because it’s incredibly valuable and also rather massive. Instead, you get a smaller replica of the trophy a few months after the race has been won. You also get your face on the trophy.
Here are a few other bits of information about this trophy:

  • Right now, the trophy has 104 faces adorning its sides. Will Power’s mug will be added soon. 
  • Winners from 12 countries and 21 US states are represented on the trophy.
  • Louis Meyer was the first person added to the trophy. He won his third Indy 500 in 1936.
  • There are two pairs of faces on the trophy, for when the race had co winners.
  • Tom Sneva is the only face on the trophy wearing a pair of glasses, which is something he requested.
  • The youngest driver on the trophy is 22 year old (and 80 days) Troy Ruttman.
  • Al Unser is the older on the trophy at 47 years and 360 days.
  • Johnnie Parsons, who won the race in 1950, has his first name incorrectly spelled as Johnny.
  • The Unser family is on the trophy nine times. Bobby won three times, Al won four times, and Al Jr won twice.

My favorite Borg-Warner trophy story comes from the 1930s though, as a university student was tasked with watching the trophy the night before the race. He placed it under his bed and then went out drinking. When he returned to his fraternity house, the trophy wasn’t there. Panicked, he ran down to the basement and found his fraternity brothers drinking beer out of the trophy. It fit 115 beers inside of it. To remove the smell of the beer, the student showered with the trophy.

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One response to “Here are some facts about the Borg-Warner trophy”

  1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar Timely post. I was assimilated by the Borg Warner at this year’s Goodwood FOS, and netted this set of Borg Warner Cup game cards. With 101 cards, this could be a seriously long game of Top Trumps.