Centuries old craftsmanship brings Aston Martin badges to life

Do you ever stop to consider where some of the parts of your car come from? You might know where an engine is built. The transmission can be easily traced. But do you care who builds the badges that adorn the nose or tail of your car? You might if you’re shuttling an Aston Martin around. And you certainly should because the AM wings are produced by a company that was formed back in 1819, and continues to crank them out precious works of metallic art to this day.
Road & Track took a trip to Vaughntons. It’s the Birmingham-based shop where an Aston Martin gets its wings. These iconic badges are formed through a series of pressings and heat cycles before being handed over to a team of talented painters.
I remember a trip to Gaydon, which is the home of Aston Martin today, and it’s where the folks from the Q team talked lovingly about their favorite customer-requested items. Many of those are the badges themselves, and Q works to make unusual and unique happen. But really it’s the team at Vaughntons that turns a thought or design into something you can hold in your hand, before it adorns the face of an amazing automobile.
One of my favorites of which they spoke? The customer that wanted scarab beetle wings ground up and used to create a special green jewel-like paint scheme for the wings. Aston Martin had them created, and they’re never going to do it for another customer.
Read more about Vaughtons and their dedication to their craft over at R&T.
[Source: Road & Track]

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3 responses to “Centuries old craftsmanship brings Aston Martin badges to life”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    The fact that they did a one-off scarab badge is seriously cool.

  2. Alff Avatar

    Is that the last bit made in the UK?

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      The cars are too, minus the engines and electronics. Though the V12 is still an Aston V12. Just the V8 is AMG.