You Could Do a Lot Worse than this 1987 Fiero GT

1987 pontiac fiero gt for sale I’m curious what cars my kids will think are awesome classics. “Fearful” might be the more accurate adjective, given how uncool my dad finds the station wagons I love so much. If I hear a post-millennial kid talking about a “sweet classic Fiero”, I could probably wrap my head around it if it’s as cool as today’s example. This 1987 Fiero GT sports a 2.8L V6, manual transmission and aftermarket digital dash conversion. It’s nearly as 1987 as you can get (still a little short on neon accents).

1987 fiero gt for sale (1)1987 fiero gt for sale (3)

The car has 114k miles, but received a remanufactured motor from Jasper about 20k ago and 15 years ago. He drives it 600 miles from Pittsburgh once a week, which is nothing to sneeze at in a 27 year old orphan GM vehicle. I’ll admit to having never driven a Fiero, so I can’t comment on whether the Citation suspension this ’87 sports is as awful as contemporary reviewers stated or if it gets a free pass on account of its age. The $2,200 OBO price, black over not-vinyl with a V6 6MT combination has my interest piqued, but thankfully tragically it’s far away in Ohio. Any midwesterners wanna take a look?

1987 Pontiac Fiero for sale – eBay Motors

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