Stockholm Sightings – Saab 900 Convertible

saab_cabrio_stockholm_3 I just finished watching the 2004 film Sideways. I’ve seen it before, but the last time around I hadn’t owned a classic-shape Saab 900. As the cabrio in the film is in a rough shape and gets a bit rougher by the end of the film, it kind of made me sad – but to cheer myself and everybody else up, I decided to post these photos of an immaculate 900 convertible instead. Like the Cortina, I saw the 900 in Stockholm last weekend. It’s probably the nicest example I’ve seen in ages. saab_cabrio_stockholm There are more exciting colours for the classic 900 than this silver, especially the bright yellow of the last models, but the paint is in such nice shape it looks extremely good. And those wheels, the 16″ Super Aeros in graphite, with polished lips, look just right. saab_cabrio_stockholm_5 That sticker in the rear window? SAS training sticker. Could you imagine anything more suitable for a Scandinavian airline pilot in the late ’80s, early ’90s than a Saab turbo convertible? saab_cabrio_stockholm_4   Inside, there’s unripped tan leather and a 5-speed shifter. I don’t think the car has too many miles on it, and if it does, it’s been fastidiously taken care of. May it run a long time. [Images: 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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