Mercedes-Benz eSprinter – I LOVE Electric Work Vans!

The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter is an all-electric version of the Mercedes workhorse commercial van. How does it compare to competitors from Ford, Ram, and Rivian? Let’s take a look!

I’ve now driven the Ford E-Transit and the Benz eSprinter. I need to add the Ram Promaster EV and Rivian RCV to my list to see which one really delivers the goods. Right now, after the automaker upgraded the battery, I think the Ford is the best option on paper, but the Benz is certainly a nice option.

It would be great to turn one of these into a weekend warrior MTB hauler. I could charge my eMTB on the way to the bike park or trails, have a fridge with post-ride beverages ready to go, and maybe even install a wet bathroom for a quick shower or relief needs.

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