One-Take Video Review: 2024 Toyota Sienna

Note: After fifteen years of writing car reviews, I have decided to venture into video. I am starting off slowly and rather amateurishly, so please bear with me, these videos can only get better. These will be one-take videos. I’ll only discuss the vehicle, and you won’t even have to see me. Additionally, whatever I miss or get wrong in a video, I will supplement it in writing. -KK

What is a perfect vehicle? What is the perfect vehicle? We can all sit around the campfire and discuss this for hours. I’m not going to take sides, but I’ll present the facts. An ideal, if imperfect, vehicle would be safe, reliable, spacious, functional/utilitarian, efficient, and comfortable.

Well, here it is, all these things in one, the Toyota Sienna. Go ahead, argue it. The current generation was introduced in 2021. In it, Toyota has incorporated what they have learned from the previous generations while looking years ahead to ensure that the long-life vehicle will remain relevant. Minivans may just be the most challenging vehicles to design as there are many points of focus: safety, functionality, utility, comfort, economy, and cost. This must then be packaged in an intuitive way and provide years of reliable service. Toyota gets bonus points for being the only minivan to combine both the efficiency of a hybrid powertrain and all-wheel-drive.

The Sienna offers a variety of solutions, from basic budget-focused transportation to the downright opulent Platinum model, as seen here. The vehicle in the video was fully loaded, with a $57,710 as-built price. This included $1,915 for a 1,500W power inverter with two outlets, an entertainment package, and a digital review mirror. $495 was for an Outdoor Package, which included roof rack cross bars, all-weather floor liners, and a first aid kit. As per the video, a spare tire is available but not with the second-row captain’s seats, which gets you a $125 credit.

Is this an absolutely perfect vehicle? Absolutely not; for instance, it cannot run the quarter mile in 11 seconds. Does it do everything it was designed to do pretty much perfectly? Yes. Improvements could be made in engine sounds, especially when it comes to the frequent on/off operation. But there is not much more that I can think of.

Long live the minivan.

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One response to “One-Take Video Review: 2024 Toyota Sienna”

  1. Salguod Avatar

    You’ve discovered the fact that minivans do more things well than any other type of vehicle.

    In my Odyssey I:

    Hauled 4×8 sheet goods
    Hauled a full size couch and love set simultaneously
    Took 6 adults in comfort on a weekend trip to Chicago
    Took our family of 5, the dog, 4 bikes, our pop up camper and our camping gear on many vacations
    Lots of general family hauling.

    We replaced it with a large CUV and it did tow the camper better, and looked better, but it was worse at everything else. Less space inside meant I needed a hitch mounted cargo tray for long non-camping road trips. We were constantly putting the rear seat up and down because we needed the cargo space for shopping and other times the 3rd row for the 3rd kid. We rarely folded the 3rd row of the Odyssey.

    Minivans rule.