Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Coolest Airplane from an Auto Manufacturer?


Not all car manufacturers make only cars. Some of them have diversified portfolios of products all under the parent brand, and for some of them that portfolio includes that coolest of all forms of transportation; airplanes. 

Car and airplane manufacturing seem to go hand in hand. After all, they both have engines, they both are intended to carry people places, and… well, airplanes are totally cool because they fly and stuff. Today I want to know which car maker’s plane you think is the most awesome.

Now, there have been planes made by car makers that weren’t of their own design. Ford turned over millions of square feet of factory floor to production of, among other things, the B24 Liberator. They ended up building over half of the almost 19,000 constructed. But Ford themselves had an airplane, an early cargo and passenger plane known as the Trimotor, and that silver beauty also carried the Ford name. Today we’d like to hear your opinion on that Flying Ford, or other winged vehicles carrying car makers’ names, and your vote for which one you think is the most cool.

Image source: Golden Wings Museum

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