Hooniverse Asks- What's the Cleverest Automotive Storage Design?


You know, unless you are a Buddhist Monk that has taken a vow of poverty, it’s pretty safe to say you’ve got yourself some stuff you need to cart around. Actually I don’t know if that’s true about Buddhists and not having stuff, but it sounded pretty good. Anyway, what we want to talk about today isn’t dogmas but Dodges, and Fords, and Toyotas, and all the rest. And what we want to know is what you think has been to date the most clever engineering of an automotive storage solution.

Now, I’m old enough to remember when car cup holders meant a pair of round flat spots embossed into the back side of the glovebox door where you could set a soda or small cup of coffee. Assuredly, those were simpler times then. Today we have cup holders that can swallow diabetes bomb big gulpers, ones that can slide into the dash without so much as a trace, and some that can actually heat or cool your beverage of choice, all the while bathing it in a throbbing disco light timed to your sound system. And that’s just cup holders!

There’s also the Chrysler minivans which can play hide-and-seek with not just the third row, but the two middle captain’s chairs as well. And what about that crazy Porsche Targa top that splits and flips and slides and folds? That’s the kind of stuff that obscure awards presented by C-list actresses were made for. We don’t have any statuary to give away today, but we still want your opinion on the best of that dullest of automotive topics, storage. What do you think is the most cleverly-designed place to stash whatever is that needs to be stashed? 

Image source: ibtimes

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