Hooniverse Asks: What's the best way you've broken something on or with a car?

The spot seemed like a safe bet. There was no way I’d jump that far. Or so I thought. We hadn’t hit a jump like this one yet though, and I was determined to “make it look good” for the camera. There’s a smaller jump before this one that was dispatched with nary a care, so I pressed the throttle closer towards the floor. Flat over crest… and then liftoff.

As the nose of the buggy began its path back towards the ground, I noticed that the left front tire was locked on to the ground position of the GoPro. Contact. I’d landed directly on it, and I was laughing. Mostly because I thought it was Josh Ostrander’s GoPro (in Mexico shooting this adventure with me), but also because I jumped a hell of a lot farther than believed I would.
The laughter subsided when I discovered it was my GoPro… but only a bit. It was an entertaining way to destroy a camera. Destroy is the wrong word though, as the GoPro actually still works despite that shattered rear glass and now exposed bit. Sadly, the footage cuts off just before the buggy leaves the jump.
That’s the only part of this that actually pisses me off.
Have you had an experience breaking a part on a vehicle (or breaking something with a vehicle) that left you laughing, entertained, or not quite as mad as you’d expect? Sound off below! 

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5 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What's the best way you've broken something on or with a car?”

  1. P161911 Avatar

    Back in college (early/mid 1990s) I had a K-5 Blazer riding on 33X12.5X15 tires with no lift kit. It was a beast. There was one extremely rough alley on campus between a couple of buildings, several speed bumps, and buckled pavement. So one night with 3 or 4 classmates on board I took the alley at full throttle. My passengers got bounced around pretty good, but no damage was done, so I thought. A few days later the Blazer wouldn’t start. I pop the hood to see the battery laying on the inner fender where it had welded a hole though the inner fender as it was shorted out there. I got a better battery hold down after that.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Oooh that’s a good one

    2. Grant Linderman Avatar
      Grant Linderman

      Ha! Mine also involves a K5 blazer on 33s with no lift. When I was 16 (K5 was my first vehicle), I saved up and bought a performance throttle body for my TBI 350. Somehow in a hurry to run to the auto parts store for something else I needed (don’t remember what), I managed to back over my brand new throttle body in the driveway. Was so sick about it that I took it to a machine shop to see if they could repair it. They did, and I returned it. Somehow the return was accepted. Never did end up putting on a better throttle body.

  2.  Avatar
  3. Troggy Avatar

    My parents’ frog-green ’74 Honda Civic decided to have a catastrophic head gasket failure right out front of school. It also blew all of its fluids out of the exhaust and over the front of the car of a teacher who was following me at the time, so even the teachers were having a go at me about it.