Bay Area Hoons: Get thee to Canepa

veryon porsche 959 canepa We try to keep a global perspective here in the Hooniverse–actually, that’s a total lie: we have the perspective of any location where we happen to have a writer. Anyway, we’ve got at least two writers here in the San Francisco Bay Area, meaning we’ve no excuse not to cover Seconds Saturdays at Hanzel Auto Body Works. This weekend will be the gathering’s second field trip to Canepa, over the hill in Scott’s Valley. Personally, I had no idea what I was walking into last year and have only once been more flabbergasted by a collection of automobiles. I particularly remember standing within spitting distance of a BMW M1, multiple 959s, a Porsche 928-powered hot rod and a Bugatti Veyron, having a conversation about 959 brakes. You know the place is special when you almost accidentally lean on the Veyron like it’s a Corolla in a body shop. Anyway, the plan is to get to Canepa by 9:00, so those meeting at Hanzel’s in Oakland should do so in time for an 8:00 departure. I’ll be in attendance, frantically trying to keep my two boys’ enthusiasm from causing five or six figures in damage to something priceless.

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