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It’s no surprise that I love the Audi R8, especially in the outgoing 4.2 V8 trim. In comes APR and with a little breathing and massaging and with the help of  a Eaton TVS 1740 supercharger these R8s are quite the upgraded gentleman’s exotic. With more than 200 horsepower added things get interesting for those willing to step it up to this Stage 3+ package. Back when I had my MK6 GTI I had an APR Stage 1 kit fitted and with great result. Given their reputation for building excellent packages, particularly with the exclusivity of R8 performance packages, I am sure that the overall package is flawless on these cars. Quoted from APR:

In the factory form, Audi’s high revving FSI V8 can leave much to be desired compared to some of the latest technological advances brought forth by Quattro GmbH in recent years. The APR Stage 3+ TVS 1740 Supercharger System fills the void by adding an average of roughly 46% more horsepower and torque across the entire power band. The results are nothing short of amazing; taking the R8 from 425 horsepower to 642 horsepower on pump fuel and 689 horsepower on race fuel without breaking a sweat! With 550 ft-lbs on tap thanks to the TVS 1740’s positive displacement supercharger expect instant acceleration with no lag commonly associated with other forms of forced induction.

Click past the jump to see 2 Supercharged R8’s burning rubber and getting a bit sideways. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LusoBgSZizY[/youtube] [Source: APR’s YouTube Channel]    

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