Australian motorsports organization bans Robbie Gordon from competing Down Under
Robbie Gordon recently put on a bit of a show for patrons outside of a bar in Darwin, Australia. The stunt didn’t win him the affection of the local police, as they’re a bit harsh with the anti-hoon laws in that neck of the woods. It was clearly a reckless thing to do on a public road, so it’s no surprise it captured the attention of the local law-bringers.
According to NESN, the Darwin donuts wound up costing Gordon 4,150 AUD which works out to a bit over $3,000 US. Additionally, his Super Stadium truck was ordered impounded for up to 48 hours time.
Now comes word of a bit more imposing stuff for Gordon and his adventures in Oz. The Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) has decided to come down hard on Gordon, and as such have opted to deny Robbie a competition license for an indefinite period.
A statement from CAMS reads as follows:

“With CAMS actively engaging more than ever with local communities, government, and corporate Australia to grow and promote our sport, so-called ‘hoon’ behaviour on public roads is not reflective of our values, nor our member base, and will not be tolerated.”

Now, we have no doubt that Robbie knows how to control his beastly machine, but it’s a bit insane to rip these donuts out in front of a bar while folks look on from the sidewalk. Seeing how Australian authorities have reacted to other such bits of Hoon-ery in the past, we’re not totally surprised at the reaction here.
Is this is another case of someone who should’ve saved it for the track or a locked-down area or has CAMS overreacted? Sound off below.
Also, hop past the jump for the full statement from CAMS…

CAMS Statement: Stadium Super Truck Incident in Darwin
The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) is disappointed to learn of the misconduct by Stadium Super Truck driver Robby Gordon after competition ceased last Saturday evening (17 June, 2017) at a Supercars event in Darwin.
Such irresponsible behaviour in a racing vehicle and in an uncontrolled environment on a public road is simply inexcusable, and has the potential to harm the reputation and integrity of our sport across all levels.
The civil matter has since been heard in the Darwin Local Court. In acknowledgement of the Judge’s scathing remarks in the ruling of the case, CAMS Chief Executive Officer Eugene Arocca has now opted to indefinitely deny Mr Gordon from applying for a Competition Visa on health and safety grounds.
Further, CAMS will conduct an investigation reviewing the incident. A timeframe for the sanction will be determined at a later date pending the findings from the investigation.
“With CAMS actively engaging more than ever with local communities, government, and corporate Australia to grow and promote our sport, so-called ‘hoon’ behaviour on public roads is not reflective of our values, nor our member base, and will not be tolerated,” Arocca said.
“It is unfortunate that such actions have taken place after an otherwise professional and well organised event at Hidden Valley Raceway, and such behaviour is not reflective of the organising committee of that event or Supercars.
“We are disappointed that this incident is not demonstrative of the requisite level of professionalism demanded by modern motor sport.
“As a signatory of the global FIA Action for Road Safety campaign, we believe our CAMS licence holders, volunteers, circuits and car clubs – including our board and staff – uphold responsible conduct on our public roads.”

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14 responses to “Australian motorsports organization bans Robbie Gordon from competing Down Under”

  1. longrooffan Avatar

    If this was truly Robbie Gordon piloting this truck, it was a pretty dumbass move on his part.
    As a side note, with no offense intended toward any of my fellow Hoons, is his street car a Mustang?

    1. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      no recorded fatalities

  2. 0A5599 Avatar

    It happened in Darwin, the place that gives awards for those sorts of stunts.

    1. Alff Avatar

      He should win one for eliminating himself from competition.

  3. kombi man Avatar
    kombi man

    Aussie here, hooning or speeding are treated as heinous crimes here. I’m surprised the fines were so small tbh. Don’t get between the government, safety speak and the chance of more fine income.

    1. neight428 Avatar

      The “Would Someone Please Think of the Children!” impulse seems to have been fully incorporated in to the motor vehicle code and enforcement thereof. Has anyone ever actually stopped to study whether anyone is actually safer and if the marginal improvement is actually worth being treated like a cash machine for harmless infractions?

  4. smokyburnout Avatar

    doesn’t Stadium Super Trucks pretty much only exist so that Robby could have a place where he was in charge of everything and didn’t have to race by the rules that other sanctioning bodies placed on him? I imagine his response here will to be to found his own island nation in the Southern Hemisphere where he can never be banned

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      I did read a response from him that may have precipitated the response from CAMS, that “I own the series, I make the rules”
      Also that he asked permission from the security guards (crowd control) outside the pub first! Surely that was enough lol

  5. Krautwursten Avatar

    The obsession of Australian authorities to crack down on “hoon” behavior is absolutely laughable. Crack down on absolutely god-awful drivers who shouldn’t have a license first.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Like the taxi driver I saw at 0-dark-thirty this morning driving with no headlights…

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    I like Robbie, but he’s really gone off the rails.I don’t think he’s recovered from his parents’ murder-suicide last year. I enjoyed his efforts in the Dakar, and trying his hand at various forms of racing. There’s no doubt he’s talented; he just needs to focus it, and stay out of trouble.

  7. CraigSu Avatar

    Given that this occurred in the country that invented the word “hoon” the outcome shouldn’t be a surprise.

  8. Hatchtopia Avatar

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. That is not acceptable behavior on a public street in any civilized country. I have no doubt he was in control of the vehicle, however there are external factors that could have caused a disaster. He was being straight up irresponsible and that should not be tolerated.

  9. cap'n fast Avatar
    cap’n fast

    CAMS sounds like a bunch of Democrats poo-pooing slander and graft.