1974 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400: Muscle Dream Car or Sloppy Malaisemobile?

1974 Pontiac Formula 400 for sale Even if you buy into the myth of an automotive “good old days”, you’ll agree they probably ended by 1974. Emission cotntrols strangled motors already hurting for embargoed fuel. Gear ratios got taller, carbs ran leaner and the UAW didn’t get any better at screwing cars together. And that’s to say nothing of the “advances” in automotive styling the 70s brought us, which today’s example suffers from exemplifies so well. 1974 Pontiac Formula 400 rear1974 Pontiac Formula 400 motor So, with that in mind, we’ve got a double-nostril-ed Pontiac Formuala 400, equipped with a four speed on offer with no reserve. ’74 is a magic number in California, as that’s the standing date for smog exemption, meaning whatever smog pumps or non-adjustable carb or crappy heads this 400ci might’ve been equipped with in ’74 can be kicked to the curb in favor of some proper hardware. To me, there are two types of F-body: 95% are automatic-equipped, over-carbed, tall-geared messes driven by guys in muscle tees. The mere presence of a four-speed in this one puts it in the remaining 5%, with some actual racing potential. I’m certainly overreaching, but that third pedal goes so far to attract the right owners and deter the wrong ones. While swapping a TH350 for a T56 isn’t all that hard, an already-manual unit means you’ll be undoing fewer bonehead modifications. 1974 Pontiac Formula 400 interior1974 Pontiac Formula 400 scoops As I type this, it’s at $7,200, likely on its way up…but how far up? 1974 Pontiac Formula 400 for sale – eBay Motors

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