Weekend Edition: The Willys Edition


So this olelongrooffan is sitting on the lanai here at Tami’sPlace enjoying a Chamber of Commerce kind of day and looking through some images loaded on my first ever spanking new laptop. I stumbled across some images of thejeepjunkie’s favorite ride I had gathered at a recent car show. I thought my fellow Hoons might be interested in taking a peak at them.


This wagon was in absolutely gorgeous condition. It was period correct in every way and its paint just glistened on that slightly overcast afternoon.


This wagon was one of several restored vehicles brought out by a local restoration company. The others were mostly muscle cars and street rods but this one was, by far, the favorite of this olelongrooffan’s.


And the flathead Hurricane motor under its bonnet was so clean you could eat off it.


Parked next to it was this Jeep CJ5.  It was brought out by the same firm. It was just as clean as that wagon but the level of originality appeared to be somewhat off. But it worked.


But man! It was clean and tight. No idea what they wanted for this beauty but it was in fantastic condition.


Yeah, a dang sweet CJ.


At the other end of the spectrum was this CJ2A roughly the same year as thejeepjunkie’s Michigan yellow one.


This one had the Go Devil engine under its hood. I once asked thejeepjunkie why they were called “Go Devil?” He replied, “because they go like the devil!”


This is known as a “Lefty” as the spare tire is mounted on the left side. Apparently someone with nothing better to do up there in our nation’s capital decided that the right hand mounted spare was a danger to pedestrians and mandated the spare be mounted on the left hand side. Yeah, even back then they were worrying about the small stuff.


As this olelongrooffan was leaving, I spotted this rodified Willys truck with what appeared to be GM mechanicals.


And just a bonus image for our lovely $kaykog.



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