Stockholm Sightings – Audi 5000S

audi_5000_s Walking around the Kungsholmen island of Stockholm, close to our hostel, I noticed this chrome-laden, seemingly early Audi 5000S parked on the street. The bumpers sprouted out proudly, the sealed-beam headlights added a touch of old-world class to the otherwise aerodynamic design, and the entire car was sparkly clean. audi_5000_s_1 Night had fallen already by now, but my phone shots turned out admirably well. You can easily see how tidy the Audi looked, parked next to the more bulbous modern cars. audi_5000_s_2 Not that the Audi doesn’t still appear modern. I think the rear center panel, however, has been replaced with an Euro version to accommodate the wide Swedish plate. The original wheels were present, and only the front plate was a bit mangled after years of parking. audi_5000_s_4 audi_5000_s_8 I’d still happily drive around in one of these. As ’80s saloons come, despite the long overhangs and small wheels, it’s a classy design. The looks will just keep aging better and better, even if the drivetrain might be maintenance-intensive by now. But a seemingly low-mileage one such as this could hold together for a good while. [Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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