Modern Art Monday: Leslie Jones' camera gives us a glimpse of automobile accidents from the 1930s

Leslie Jones was a man who loved taking pictures. A resident of Boston, Jones originally started down the path of pattern maker, but an accident in that field caused him to fall out of that industry. His camera was waiting for him, and he started a new career snapping shots for the Boston Herald-Traveler. This gig would be the one that came to define him, as it lasted for 39 years, and over 40,000 of his negatives are available for viewing at the Boston Public Library.

One collection is of particular interest to us here at Hooniverse. Leslie Jones captured all sorts of things with the lens of his camera, including the various automobile accidents that occurred in and around Boston. While the subject is a bit morbid, the photos are amazing, and they provide a unique glimpse into the world of the late ’20s-early ’30s.

Also, it’s clear that Boston drivers haven’t learned a thing in nearly 100 years of motoring…

Check out the mega-gallery of Leslie Jones’ photography at the website bearing his name.

[Source: Leslie Jones Photography | Image: Boston Public Libary/Leslie Jones]

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