Limited Slip Blog sends out an apology

Earlier today, we shared a post highlighting the fact that a review I’d written on the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon had been plagiarized. The offending website was, and the team over there have responded swiftly. First, they dropped the offending writer, pulled all of his work, and have also written an apology on their site.

Nothing else really needs to be said, and we don’t have any ill will towards the core group at Limited Slip Blog. Hell, something like this could happen to anyone. We love finding new writers to work with us here at Hooniverse, and we’re trusting enough that we wouldn’t imagine someone would simply grab material written by someone else and pass it off as their own.

The apology seems quite sincere, and there is no reason to think otherwise. Additionally, the founder has apologized to me personally. Perhaps we will run into one of the three (actual) writers from Limited Slip Blog at any automotive function in the future, and we will gladly let them buy us drinks… expensive ones, with hard to pronounce names from Scotland.

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