Last Call: You're Telling Me Edition

I remember when I was a kid going to a mechanic’s shop with my dad and on the wall was a rate card with increasing rates if you wanted  to watch, offer an opinion, or help. I thought it was pretty funny. I think this sign is even funnier.
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 
Image: Imgur

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  1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    The first place I saw this particular sign was in my Facebook feed. It was posted without comment by a newly added friend, who was a neighbor years ago. I thought it was funny, but didn’t read too much into it. His older brother then mentioned me in a subsequent comment on the posted sign.
    That’s when it hit me (pun intended).
    The aforementioned neighbor, when in a quarrel with the aforementioned older brother, swung a wrench at him, but he successfully dodged the assault. Having been positioned behind the older brother, I was not privy to information such as “there is a flying wrench along a trajectory in line with your face.”
    TL;DR? I was hit in the head with a wrench 25 years ago.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      My brother had the same experience.

  2. Alff Avatar

    Okay, then. The commenting system works great!

  3. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    sign in machine shop at old job:
    Find a bigger hammer

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Hammer’s stuck.

  4. Marto Avatar

    What is the physically largest “supercar”?

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Sunbeam Silver Bullet. 30 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 foot 8 inches tall. Smaller without the body.

    2. Batshitbox Avatar

      A large mass produced Supercar would be the ’31-’38 Hispano-Suiza J12, with a 158 inch wheelbase, and any body you can afford.

      1. Marto Avatar

        More recently, the Maserati MC12 is longer than an S-Class.×342.jpg

        1. Batshitbox Avatar

          Two spaces? This is why Ferrari drivers think Maserati drivers are a-holes.

    3. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Jaguar XK220 4.93 metres (194.1 inches) long 2.2 m wide (87.4 “)1.205m high
      Maser MC12 5.14m (202.5 “) long 2.1 m wide

      1. Marto Avatar

        2.2m wide! That’s getting toward Hummer girth! Aren’t Vipers really outsize too? Lister Storm? Cizeta?

  5. PotbellyJoe★★★★★ Avatar

    I’m getting to the point where I am going to remove my airbag until this Takata thing gets figured out.
    I don’t like this “Only in humid climates” phrasing. Sounds like too much variability for something that needs to be a certainty.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      I haven’t followed it. If you take yours out, isn’t there a guaranteed not to explode in your face replacement?

      1. PotbellyJoe★★★★★ Avatar

        Still trying to get them all produced and the “non-humid” climates aren’t getting replacements right now, we’re just being told it’s not an issue for us.
        I think it’s their way of prioritizing who gets the replacements first since production is going to be held up for a while to replace that many airbags.
        The concept that it somehow has to do with the amount of humidity it’s been exposed to scares me because there’s no accurate way to predict it and I use my car for camping/activities where I get wet and have gear in the car that would increase the moisture inside the car. It’s just not a good predictor.
        Also, i don’t figure between Honda’s control of Takata and GM’s own recall going on, that my Vibe is going to be prioritized any time soon…

    2. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      six people have been killed by Takata airbags. i promise you takata airbags have saved way more lives than they’ve ended over the same time. not saying that it’s acceptable, or doesn’t need fixing, but you’re almost certainly safer with potentially faulty airbags in place than with an empty steering wheel.
      as for “humid climates”, all the ruptured airbag incidents in the US occurred in Florida and Puerto Rico, and there was one in Malaysia. i’d guess that full-time exposure to FL/PR/MY climate is probably much more moisture than one would get from occasionally hauling wet gear in a relatively dry climate.
      but you’re right that they’ve been real slow on the uptake, especially if the allegations that they had some idea about this ten years ago aren’t bunk. i’ll never understand how automotive companies think they can get away with not following through on this….though, to be fair, i don’t know how much they may have gotten away with that the general public just never picked up on.

      1. PotbellyJoe★★★★★ Avatar

        It’s more a matter of trust being an issue. Any company that has sat on this information for as long as they have (the federal fine indicated over 5 years, which is still a huge amount of units) is not one I trust to be telling the whole truth. I think they’re still on spin-control.
        One was from a 2005 Honda Accord in California. California is not gulf coast humid.
        My ultimate problem with it is they are still prioritizing new vehicle manufacturing over the recalled units, showing they still don’t grasp the gravity of the recall.
        Toyota is disabling the airbags in the affected cars, that’s a pretty big indicator on their feelings towards the safety of the units.
        Consumer Reports is telling people to avoid driving their cars if it’s the driver’s airbag and not letting anyone sit in the front passenger’s seat if that bag is affected.
        I like airbags, I’m not saying I don’t want one. I am seeing people who most likely have better information than I do telling people to not put themselves at risk.
        My information comes from “journalists” and other media outlets, their information comes from engineers, lawyers and internal communications. Neither one being perfectly trustworthy, obviously.

        1. wunno sev Avatar
          wunno sev

          wow, i hadn’t heard about the toyota disabling airbags bit. i stand corrected on that one.