Last Call- '60s Drop Bar Fashion Edition

The women who rode café bikes in the ’60s were so cool they needed two eyebrows per eye to show their bemusement.
This is Live it to the hilt. Rene’, Westminster Bridge 1968 from the impressive collection of images captured by Frank Habicht. Habicht’s work documented London life in the swinging sixties, snapping both the famous, and the mundane, but usually focusing his camera on the youth, who were the drivers of change at the time.
By the way, can anyone identify both the bike and the car in this picture?
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Image: Bliss

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3 responses to “Last Call- '60s Drop Bar Fashion Edition”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Oh! Are we talking about Britain in the '60s? Youth culture? Motorcycles?
    Then it's time for me to post another episode of "Look At Life"! This one, "Behind the Ton-Up Boys" focuses on the 59 Club and the less suicidal Rockers who enjoyed the new sport of Motorcycling in the '60s.
    [youtube CYvJVyXNZKc youtube]

  2. rustylink Avatar

    She looks to be a bit of a slapper…

    1. Rover_1 Avatar

      That does seem to be the way she applied her make-up.