Last Call- Dog-canic Edition

You still mot passing emissions? I’ll bet it’s the cat. Have you looked at the cat? I’m thinking it’s the cat, they’re always trouble. Also, I peed on the brake rotor just in case it needed that.
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  1. Maymar Avatar

    "My leg looks nothing like that transmission!"
    *Yes, aware the Civic has 1rst to the left and up. It does have double wishbones though, which might be of interest to our furry helper there.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    Drunk drivers roll 1948 Plymouth, one dies.
    Now, it's tragic, yes, a guy died. It seems he was under the influence, though, so garbage in garbage out. No word on whether his injured passenger was soused, but I feel more sorry for that guy.
    The comments on the article, though, are a real trip down the rabbit hole, and yet business as usual on SFGATE. From drumzit, who beats the government regulations are a good thing drum to the tune of "I Told You So", to the numerous experts on 1948 Plymouths.
    Around here we like to get all misty eyed about old cars, and even point out that their inherent deathtrap features keep us 'very engaged' in the act of driving, etc, etc. Remove the "alcohol was a factor" factor and just suppose that these were two sober, experienced operators. Ball bounces into the street, kid runs out, 1948 Plymouth takes a swerve, and you have the same result, except maybe the car rolls over the child, too.
    Old cars are deathtraps, that's why there aren't many left! That being said, I have heard tale of a teenager flipping a Scout 80 with no roll bar and walking away from it, so luck is a factor, too. Or maybe seat belts, who knows?

    1. Devin Avatar

      <img src=""&gt;
      Seatbelts are usually important.
      ( I may just like posting that gif)

      1. Batshitbox Avatar

        The Aristocrats!

    2. Sjalabais Avatar

      There are lots of anecdotes of people who survived the strangest accidents*, but accumulated numbers don't lie: I don't even have to google crash statistics because eveyone knows we are on the way to zero deaths and few heavily injured in traffic – albeit slowly.
      So that's one reason why driving a classic car is for the most part limited to nice conditions, careful driving outside of stress times. But what I am afraid of is a reasoning that leads to mandating old cars off the street, which I, frankly, don't consider utopian. It appears like lobbies do much of policymaking these days, and the car industry is a strong one. Put safety and environmental concerns together and classic cars might suddenly be banned to be driven every umpteenth sunday only.
      Because of polution, my neighbouring community Bergen, Norway's second city, is banning cars based on arbitrary license numbers. A prohibition for diesel cars to enter the city center is on the horizon in Oslo, the capital.
      *20-something fell off a 20m cliff yesterday in his BMW 5, without seat belt. He was extremely lucky and is basically unharmed – article with photos and video.
      <img src="; width="600">

      1. Andy Avatar

        Did I hear Bergen? I got a flight to Bergen in about 4 hours! I ll be driving to agontes as well. Any route place road thing you suggest I see?

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          Cool! Work (CCB?) or leisure? Depending on how much time you have, the island Sotra (with Ågotnes on it) has lots of nice roads. Norway is a haven of narrow, twisty roads. I can recomrecommend to do a round through Osøyro, up to Samnanger where you meet RV7, then either go back to Bergen via E16 or take a long round through Norheimsund, Voss, then back to Bergen. You're super lucky with the weather. If you have e.g. the weekends off I can give you more tips. Enjoy your stay!
          I have no clue who would downvote a comment like yours btw. I see the downvoter has gone through lots of discussions here again…odd hobby.

          1. Andy Avatar

            Thanks a lot for the tips! oil refining industry. Although trip here for leisure just popped on my to do list. I am putting it in the do before 35 category to keep it relatively high on the priority list. time unfortunately will be very limited that is 2 days only. Btw, there are too many teslas, bmw i3s and leafs! Oh if you see a rental "Nissan micra or equivalent" with a suspiciously excited driver – honk, I ll honk back!

          2. Sjalabais Avatar

            Haha, agreed! Teslas are lots of fun to drive though. Ask a colleague, if you have one – they are often proud owners who let other people drive willingly. With so limited time, tourist pleisures may be limited to fishing in the moonlight? 🙂

  3. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    Here's a car I learned about recently:
    It's a Vortex Phantom GTR, an English kit car with a Sterling 827 drivetrain, and it looks like Alfaclaren made a new Dino.
    The Sterling's C27A is the same basic architecture as the C30A and C32B, so it may be possible to use a substantially more prestigious* donor car.
    Bonus: can you identify the source of those taillights?
    *link NSFM (not safe for muthalovin)

    1. Naengmyeon Avatar

      1991ish Toyota Celica

      1. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

        +1 for replying before I finished editing to get all the links working properly.
        Here's the image that's supposed to be at the top:
        <img src=""&gt;

        1. JayP2112 Avatar


        2. Sjalabais Avatar

          Very pleasant and compact design. I wonder why a big company can't throw out something that looks like this and is powered in the same league as a Miata?

        3. BobWellington Avatar

          Some of it almost reminds me of the XJ-220. Probably mostly that side intake. Pretty cool, though.

      2. Manic_King Avatar

        You meant this? Wrong answer IMHO.
        <img src=""&gt;

    2. Manic_King Avatar

      Re. taillights, Mazda MX-3?
      <img src="; width="666">

    3. monkey_tennis Avatar

      *engine-swap suggestion NSFR (not safe for Rusty): How dare you suggest that there is a more prestigious donor car than a Rover 827?!

  4. Alff Avatar

    Guys who do their own maintenance get all the bitches.

  5. NotJustDucky Avatar

    "So, you said it was running ruff?"