Hooniverse Asks- What Will be the Next Car Brand to Go?

Grim-Reaper copy I predict that within 5 years, Scion will be no more. The Toyota brand was introduced back in 2002 as a way to get Millennials into the Toyota family so they could later graduate to Toyota’s mid-scale cars, and eventually the Lexus marque as they became old and rich. Unfortunately for its parent company, the bulk of people buying the hip and happening new brand were older folks who would have otherwise already bought a Toyota but appreciated the fact that the Scions were cheaper. Old people, they’re always one step ahead! Aside from the generous gift of the lovely and desirable BRZ, Scion’s product line has for long been left to wither on the vine. New models are in the pipeline, however it’s to be seen if the are (A) significantly differentiated from their Toyota brothers, and (B) engaging enough to get people to buy them. I am of the opinion that they will be neither and that will be used as an excuse for Toyota to kill off the brand and its separate advertising and support budgets. Now, I could be wrong – my wife has pointed out many times that is often the case – and hence I’d like your take on, if not Scion, then what brands do you think are on the precipice of irrelevance. Do you think that there are brands – SEAT, Jaguar, and Lincoln come to mind – that might be next on the chopping block? Image: Rootfun  

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