For Sale: Ten brand new unsold 1985 Mazda 323 and Mazda 626

brand new mazda 323 626 2
Somehow, there are ten brand new, never sold and never registered, Mazda 323s and 626s, five of each, for sale in Wroclaw, Poland. The ad says that all ten cars were parked in an upper level of a showroom and they all have between eight and 246 kilometers (5 – 153 miles) on their odometers.

new 1985 mazda 323
From the ad:

Fabrycznie nowe Mazdy z 1985 roku, aktualnie dostępnych 10 sztuk (5x 323, 5x 626) we Wrocławiu już po opłatach… na licznikach od 000.008 do 000.246 kilometrów
Samochody przestały wiele lat na piętrze salonu Mazdy, są w doskonałym stanie, bez uszkodzeń wizualnych, rys, wgnieceń czy innych śladów czasu. Nie były nigdy sprzedane ani zarejestrowane. Od połowy zeszłego roku, po znalezieniu całej kolekcji pracowaliśmy nad jej odkupieniem. Kilkanaście pozostałych sztuk znalazło już swoich nowych właścicieli. Niepowtarzalna okazja zakupu samochodów, na które można natrafić jedynie w muzeum. Doskonała lokata kapitału na przyszłość.
Opłaty związane ze sprowadzeniem zostały już wykonane. Jeśli zdecydujesz się jedną z nich zarejestrować będziesz pierwszym właścicielem. Spełniają warunki na “żółte tablice” dla aut zabytkowych.
Ceny Mazd od 25 do 46 tysięcy złotych za sztukę. Zapraszamy do Wrocławia, przyjedź, wybierz model i kolor 🙂
W cenie nowy akumulator, kompleksowe czyszczenie wnętrza i lakieru w zaprzyjaźnionej firmie detailingowej, nowe płyny, oleje, zalane świeże paliwo.
Na życzenie możliwość dowiezienia pod dowolny adres.
Zapraszamy do kontaktu pod 791- 515-905 (Michał) 698- 848-416 (Aleksander) lub mailowo pod


Factory brand new 1985 Mazdas. Five 323s and five 626s. All fees included. Odometers vary from 8 to 246 kilometers. 
The cars spent many years in a Mazda showroom, they are in ideal condition, with no visual damage, scratches, dents, or others signs of aging. They were never sold or registered. Since mid-2014 we worked on brokering the deal on these cars. Several models aalready found buyers. Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy cars which will soon be in museums. Good investment. 
All import fees were paid. If you choose to buy one, you will be the first owner. The cars meet all criteria for yellow historic plates. 
Prices vary from 25 to 46 thousand zloty ($6643.64 – $12224.29 USD). We invite you to Wroclaw to pick your model and color.
Prices include new battery, interior detailing and professional paint treatment, new fluids, oils, and fuel. 
Delivery is available at an additional cost. 
Please contact Michael or Alexander. 

The source website,, is down, probably from all the traffic they have been getting. The ads for the cars are located here: 323, 626.
C35778347_3 (1)
The ad does not state where these cars came from, but I assume western Europe. This is strictly a guess, but I assume that due to more stringent laws in western Europe, they were difficult to sell there. Therefore, these Polish dealers probably bought them for fairly low money, brought them to Poland, paid import fees, and are now selling them for a modest profit. Good for them!
Personally, I have some great memories of these cars. The good news is that the new Mazda3 and Mazda6 retain all of the same charm that these cars have. They’re still the right size and still fun to drive, unlike their competition from Honda and Toyota.
new 1985 mazda

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  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    That's amazing! Prices are relatively civil, but there's quite some work needed if you really want to/dare drive them.
    These Mazdas are often cared well for by old owners. Just this past week I found three very nice cars: An '86 with 67000km, an '85 with 68000km – both for ~2500$, the older one eligible for speciality insurance for 30+ year old cars – and this even-lower-mileage '77 model that competed in last year's Classic Rallye Monte Carlo for ~8000$.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      A bit of an eyeopener, once I notice them. Here's another super low mileage 1985 323, tech-inspected and in good shape for just over 1000$. Where do they come from?

  2. Hatchtopia Avatar

    626 Hatchback? Yes, please!

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    I wonder if Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris would like one (or more) of the 626s, to go with his '91?:

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      This is the perfect stunt – you just got to love this!
      Nissan jumped on a similar adventure:

  4. incomplete1 Avatar

    wow, if only my pit neighbors at the last lemons race @ sonoma knew about these… their 626 shit the bed in almost every way to the point they won the 'i got screwed' award. 🙂

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      I'm sure Mazda isn't even a real Japanese brand.

  5. Slow_Joe_Crow Avatar

    Too bad none pf the 323s is a GTX 4×4 turbo. Time capsule cars like this are still awesome collector cars since they show what was really on the road and what "showroom new" really looked like.

    1. 1977chevytruck Avatar

      You mean like this?
      <img src="$_20.JPG&quot; width="600">
      Not showroom mint, but pretty good considering the climate it's in. Plus, then you wouldn't be as afraid to drive it.

  6. Manic_King Avatar

    There's site for British army surplus sales, Landies, armored vehicles etc., but also brand new Alfa for low-low price, it has to be exported outside EU….unfortunately not an oh so good looking wagon though.