eBay Giveaway: It's the final countdown… to enter


It’s the final countdown for the eBay Motors two-wheels-or-four giveaway. You have until tomorrow to head over to the Garage section of the eBay website and enter the contest. You can do so by creating a new profile and uploading some photos, or, if you already have a profile, simply upload some new photos.

The grand prizes, which we’ve examined over the last week, are either a 2014 Cadillac CTS or a 2014 Indian Chief Classic. Both are premium examples of American motoring, but they are both very different versions of the category. The Indian Chief is a modern version of a classic icon, and it’s been updated to make sure that long hauls are just as comfortable as scoots around town. The Cadillac is also updated, but it’s been moved into the future thanks to its all-new Art & Science sheetmetal that turns the idea of a mid-size luxury sedan into something enjoyable to look at from all angles.

So if you want a shot at either, you have to head on over to the Garage and get to uploading. It’s quick and easy to do, and you could wind up with something new in your driveway.

[Disclaimer: We teamed up with eBay to bring you information on this contest, which means we’re getting paid to share the message. We’d only do this with stuff we deem cool… and the chance to win a Cadillac CTS or a brand new Indian fit that bill.]

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