This Crew Cab Dodge is Enough Truck for a Year of Truck Thursdays

Crew Cab” comes from the assumption you needed to bring a whole crew along with your payload to do whatever commercial/industrial/forestry task your pickup was in use for, hence two full benches with room for six. While International Harvester released the first crew cab fullsize pickup in the US in 1957, Dodge was the first of the Big Three to do so in 1963. Today they’re everywhere, as customers have recognized they’d like to haul both people and things. In the era of today’s 1964 Dodge Crew Cab, trucks were still so uncivilized and brutal to ride in, you’d better be making at least $1.15/hour to do so. Also note the efficiency in design: those rear doors are 90% the same as the fronts, with identical glass minus the vent windows.

1964 dodge crew cab 4x4 truck motor1964 dodge crew cab 4x4 truck interior1964 dodge crew cab 4x4 truck for sale

That doesn’t mean I don’t want it. Badly. We’ve got a four-speed, 4-wheel drive, small-block (but which one?) power and enough room for all the things. The orange paint is fading with a few (California grade) rust issues, and it’ll need almost everything mechanically and cosmetically refreshed. Still, those mechanical bits are about as universal and simple to work on as possible, with no shortage of motors or full width axles you could swap in. This one’s rough enough that the Originality Police won’t come a-knocking unless you afflict it with 22″ wheels and stacks.

Unmet reserve at $1400 as I write this, but in this case that’s probably still near scrap or part-out value.

1964 Dodge Crew Cab 4×4 Pickup for sale – eBay Motors

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