final V12 Vantage from Aston Martin noise

Aston Martin to bring back V12 Vantage for a final go

The only details that we have are that Aston Martin is stuffing a V12 into its current-generation Vantage. And that the car will arrive in 2022. Beyond that, we don’t know much. Aston Martin is saying this won’t be a limited edition car either. Instead, it will be a Final Edition. I feel like we’ve heard that before, but with an electrified future on the horizon it could be more truthful this go around.

Regardless, here’s what the car will sound like.

It’s pretty safe to assume the V12 Vantage will snag the 5.2-liter mill found in the nose of the DB11. There, the engine makes 630 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. That’s quite a bit more grunt than the 520+ hp found in the V8-powered Vantage, though torque numbers aren’t that far off. Still, a V12 Vantage is always a special machine and we can’t wait to see what Aston Martin has in store for this one… the last one ever.

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One response to “Aston Martin to bring back V12 Vantage for a final go”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    “I feel like we’ve heard that before…”