Hoonicorn vs the World 2

Hoonicorn vs the World is back and more bonkers than before

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang is a truly wicked and wild machine. And the Hoonigan crew decided to show just how wild it really is by lining it up on an airstrip against a slew of other vehicles. That quickly showed just how quick and fast the Hoonicorn really is… and now it’s back, with some changes, to compete against even more insane vehicles. The proof? It’s first bit of competition is a 4,000-horsepower-having NHRA-battling Corvette that can break 200 miles per hour in the 1/8-mile.

Ken hands over driving duty to his 14-year-old daughter Lia for this battle. Probably because he’s an Audi man now and also partly, we assume, to watch his child do awesome things. And the battle here is a good one. The drag Corvette is hurting for traction initially, but the race is sorted and it’s a great battle.

It’s best two-out-of-three racing here, so click play and watch two motor monsters compete.

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