Weekend Edition: The Unexpected St. Paddy's Day Car Show


So, continuing on with The Forgotten Images of The First Quarter of 2013, that is where this olelongrooffan shares some images gathered during the first quarter of 2013 but for some reason or another have yet to be posted for my Hoons viewing pleasure. This time these are from another car show although this is far removed from the Amelia Island Concours. This one occurred at a local to the World Center of Racing self storage facility. This olelongrooffan was on my way to my local Publix to gather up some grub and stumbled upon this show. Yeah, on the last Sunday this olelongrooffan spent living in that town, I had to squeeze in one more car show just for fun.

And to get the ball rolling, who among my fellow Hoons doesn’t love a ’66 Chevy Nova II post complete with matching steelies and dog dish poverty hubcaps. Feel free to make the jump to see some more of the cars their owners thought worthy of showing off there at Hyde Park on International Speedway Boulevard just a few short blocks from my local racetrack.


Yeah, this beauty rumbled on by on its way out of the show just as this olelongrooffan was doing the same. But this thing was so nice that I thought I would include it upfront. Yeah, no third gen six banger in that ride any longer.

And yeah, there were plenty of Trucks available for my viewing pleasure. This one, I believe it is a 66 also, has a similar body style to the old ’66 one ton panel truck with 17″ wheels this olelongrooffan Hooned around in my late teen years. Yeah, a longroof panel truck for this olelongrooffan even way back then.


These two trucks have been seen by the olelongrooffan around these here parts more times than I can shake a stick at. I mean they have been out at BelAire Plaza for so many years that I have forgotten the count of them. Well done but, thanks, I’ve seen enough.


Just across from those old trucks were a couple super nice street rods. Although I’m not a huge fan of these, the workmanship on them is exquisite. While that rod front and foremost is super clean and has been extensively reworked, that old 62ish Nova hardtop in the background is the one I really lust after. Add a couple doors and a longroof and I am all over it.


Ya’all can keep the tubs out back though.


And make no mistake about it, there weren’t just old trucks and street rods at this show. A real mix was provided by the addition of these two fastbacks. Again, while I’m not a huge fan of these, they sure looked pretty sitting there and provided a nice alternative look at some cool ass cars.


And who among us would pass up this two tone pre Stingray Corvette? Classic red with white inserts and the horizontally arched dashboard. Yeah, it would work in a pinch for a cruise on Woodward Avenue. (on this olelongrooffan’s bucket list BTW.) Is that a ’61 Vette BTW?


And over in a corner was this lime green, although I am sure there is a whole nother name for that color, Diablo. See that big ass white truck in the background? My fellow Hoons have most likely seen one like it previously. Turns out the owner of the one I featured in that link owned that one and his buddy, the Diablo owner, kept trying to buy it but Harry wouldn’t sell his so this dude found one out on the left coast of these here United States and in total Hoon fashion bought it, flew out there, and drove it home. Yeah, the World Center of Racing is a small town after all.


This olelongrooffan thought this 52 Chevy convertible was especially nice. It was the first time I remember seeing it out and about in the flesh and the wide whites just set it off from the rest.


One thing I did notice about this upscale rental facility was that every fourth or fifth garage area was set up as a “man-cave.” (Sorry about that $kaycog). But seriously, I had heard of this phenomenon previously but this was the first time I had seen them up close and in person. Hell, The Garage I called home was less than a third that size with a whole helluva lot less neon. Cool but who wants to drive home after spending an afternoon wrenching, drinking and catching some racin’ action on the boob tube?


I have seen this ’58, similar to the black post my dad owned back in the day, around and about town many times over the past few years and each time I see it I am still joyed by the sight of it. Easter Egg blue (appropriately enough), hardtop, tri carb, fender skirts and that huge ass chrome grille, what’s not to like?


Just down a ways was this 2nd gen Barracuda ragtop which still needed some reassembling. A nice, relatively rare car.


And who doesn’t love a Bricklin. This olelongrooffan has seen this one many times before and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of customization and modifications people will do to their cars.


I mean, a freakin’ blower in a Bricklin? Yeah, the “Safety Vehicle 1” was produced with both an AMC 360 as well as a Ford 351 so I would suspect this would be a relatively easy conversion. I’ll bet it would be much more difficult with a Yugo, the car which Malcolm Bricklin was also responsible for exposing to we Americans.


Yeah, there was quite a variety of marques showing their stuff that Sunday.

PICT4652PICT4653 PICT4655

Hell, you could even snag a golf cart thingy should one of my fellow Hoons be so enclined.


But this olelongrooffan does have this to say about that. It sure was good to see dad exposing his kids to some cool cars. Gotta keep the youngsters interested wherever, whenever and however we Hoons can.


It was cool to see lead sleds, Boss 302s and this one sharing the same tarmac.


As I mentioned, there were plenty of trucks out and about for my enjoyment. That C-10 body style on the left in the above image is one of my all time favorite truck body styles although that Task Force stepside in the background is a close second…or third..or fourth…well I’m confident my fellow Hoons feel the same way about your keen interest.


As I was grabbing the images of those Chebbie trucks, this golf cart cruised on by and I couldn’t help capturing an image of the trophy resting on the bed out back. Coil spring and a wing vent window. Sadly, two more now obsolete parts from the current edition—insert name here—beige car.


I spotted one of these Jeep thingy wannabes out at the Daytona International Speedway a whiles back. I mean if you want a four wheel drive the size of a flat fender Willys, just buy a flat fender Willys.


So after a stroll around that car show, this olelongrooffan, wistfully, took a look back to have a moment to remember, although unknown to me at the time, the last car show this olelongrooffan would see while still living in the World Center of Racing.


But all was cool….on the way out to climb in my new longerroof, this olelongrooffan did spot a sister truck to my new ride. To me, the roof on mine is more desirable.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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6 responses to “Weekend Edition: The Unexpected St. Paddy's Day Car Show”

  1. $kaycog Avatar

    Hmmm………I love man caves! Great pictures, as always. Happy Easter!

  2. MVEilenstein Avatar

    There really is nothing better than a clean truck. The old C10 trucks are the very definition of clean, simple lines.

  3. AnnDee4444 Avatar

    Yes, the Corvette is a 61. Only year with the large trunk and two-tone paint.

  4. vetteman61 Avatar

    It is a '61 Vette, though not a Stingray. That name started 2 years later with the 63.

  5. JayP2112 Avatar

    I had an other pal in college (not the one with the Torino) who's dad had a spotless Chevy II with dog dishes like the one here. There was a trophy in the back seat.
    Turns out, his dad took the car for a spin one Sunday to the mall. Came across a few cars in the parking lot and the organizers and his family coerced him into entering the Chevy in the show. No prep, no shine… just a clean car driven to the mall.
    Won Best of Show.

  6. lilred Avatar

    I believe that "52" Chev convertible is really a 49.