Video: Just Senna being Senna

The rain is falling here in Southern California, and I have tickets to the Long Beach Grand Prix. This weather doesn’t leave me discouraged about my tickets though, but rather thinking about a man who would relish the thought of a wet track. Much ink, both virtual and actual, has been spilled espousing the skill set of Ayrton Senna, and it will continue to be spilled. Today is no exception.

The rabbit hole known as YouTube brought me to a particularly clear example of Senna’s brilliance and bravado.

A wet track reduces the amount of available passing room for most drivers. Everyone tries to stay on the established line, because it is the driest section of the course. Put your tires off of that line, and you’re asking for trouble. Well… most driver’s anyway.

Click past the break to see what I mean.

[Source: YouTube]

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