Stockholm Sightings – Ford Cortina Mk2

ford_cortina_stockholm_2 No sooner have we swiped the American sightings under the rug of past Hooniverse pages, for it to be time to see what I saw in Stockholm this past weekend. The sights on Swedish streets were numerous and post-worthy, and I’m pulling one of the nicest ones out of the bag to begin with. This second-generation Ford Cortina was parked in a quiet neighbourhood, untouched by passing Midsummer dreamers. ford_cortina_stockholm_7 The Mk2 Cortina was introduced in 1966, and I might indeed prefer it to the older car, as it’s a simpler, cleaner design. ford_cortina_stockholm_6 ford_cortina_stockholm_3 There’s not a fussy detail on the car to be seen, everything is classical and well thought out. The bone white on this certainly once-restored car makes me think of the Mustang from the same years, but this was the two-door Ford Europeans could afford. With the 1300cc engine here, it wasn’t quite as quick, of course. ford_cortina_stockholm_8 It is weird, then, why the visage of the white-walled Cortina is a touch sad. Perhaps it just needs a roaring summer drive. [Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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