Snowed-In Weekend Edition – 1993 Saab 900i OG 5-door


And with this piece, we move out from the comfortably warm garage and freeze our shutter finger in the cold. What better, then, than a classic Saab 900?

This 1993 car is the last vintage of the Original Generation 900:s, one of the last dinosaurs. By 1993, the GM 900 or 900NG was ushered in, and the longitudinal, backwards engine and the rocker-encompassing doors were history. As was CV tunnel rust, too, but door rust remained a Saab favourite. But I’m nitpicking, of course.


This shot kind of shows you how much a front lip helps the OG900’s design. It looks a bit sled-like without one.


And these super-generic wheels are a mistake in my opinion, hardly fitting the Saab’s design. Since they are of 4×108 pattern, I believe they would be better suited to a French car.


A couple of things here, too: not only does the tow bar crumple the rear bumper, I believe the car has had the hatch resprayed at one point. Not all of the badges are where they should be; the round griffin badge belongs next to the SAAB logo and the 900i badge along with the 16-Valve logo are a touch too low. I nitpick with gusto, mind.

And it could really use a rear spoiler, too. But this is not a turbo car, and didn’t get one from the factory.


But still, any OG 900 in respectable, seemingly rust-free shape deserves to be kept on the road, in good condition. You can almost see the 9-3 across the street giving it an enviable look.

[Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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