Weekend Edition – eBay find of the Weekend; A 1978 Dodge Power Wagon w/ a 440!!!

Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25024 PM.bmp Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and by the time you are reading this, I will be on my Fishing Boat for the first time this year… Anyway, while looking through the Brown Car Appreciation Society Facebook Page, this glorious Dodge W200 Power Wagon Crew Cab caught my eye, and the asking price is actually affordable… So, what are you waiting for? Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25222 PM.bmp According to the rather detailed eBay Listing:

1978 Dodge D 200 POWER WAGON CREW. WITH RARE FACTORY 440 7.2L V-8. Original California truck An excellent mechanical condition. I always thought this truck was called a D200 But I recently found out that Its a W200. I’m not sure Which one it really is. Because I have so many people tell me different stuff. But any true dodge truck guy. Would no exactly what it is. Sorry for any inconvenience. So current odometer reads. 53,140 Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25102 PM.bmp Back in February 2009. I had the transmission rebuilt @ AAMCO Transmissions Odometer reading at that time. Was 41,745 I have Well over $4000 in work done Since 2008 And only about 15,000 miles Has been added to the truck since that year. More of the major work was done In 2011 Transmission was rebuilt back in 2009 But only 12,000 miles has been put on it Since then. I will try to include all the Photos the receipts And what kind of work has been done This truck was used every other weekend Just to drive around town and To pick up some from Home Depot And pick up a Christmas tree Nothing very serious The current miles. 53,140 I do not believe that is original to the truck I believe that it is Possibly 153,140 The truck has absolutely no oil leaks. Or transmission leaks Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25132 PM.bmp It’s truly an excellent condition body wise No serious rust anywhere in the body But on the roof in the corners of driver and passenger side Is starting to show some rust That Rust will be included in photos The body is also very straight and has absolutely no signs of major collision The paint on the truck is definitely starting to show age on the hood and roof Plus it’s not the best paint job In the world anyway The bed of the truck has the spray on bedliner Professionally done And looks excellent The truck also has a towing package And with the 440 7.2L V8 You can definitely haul Some heavy-duty stuff The truck has Dual gas tanks that are both in working order All lights and electrical is also in working order on the truck. But passenger-side headlight is starting to get a little Dim. Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25145 PM.bmp The truck is also missing the original radio Also the trucks in original condition So when you’re driving you’re going to hear all the squeaks & noises Which would be normal for older truck like this Oh I almost forgot it has a new Holley carburetor Which will also be included in the receipts The truck just passed California smog Three days ago. The truck is currently on a Plan nonoperational Status. Since 2012 The truck has not been driven much since then Pretty much all the work That has been done to the truck Is still in good working order Because the truck was never really Driven I recently drove the truck 40 miles One way 80 miles round-trip And the truck had absolutely no issues on the highway Also for anybody purchasing it I have a two month permit That expires at the end of July So the truck can be driven without the current registration There is absolutely no late fees At the California DMV with this truck. Clean California title in my name I have explained this vehicle to the best of my knowledge. This vehicle will be sold as is.

Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25044 PM.bmp With about a day to go (as of this writing) the top bid so far is $2,500. Thatis a pretty good bye for someone who needs a truck like this, and Crew Cabs of this vintage are very rare… And look, you get a 440, and Factory A/C. You can install a radio at any time, and the interior is a bit funky with the blanket seat cover. This would be a great haul rig for any West Coast 24-Hours-of-LeMons team… See the eBay listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”301206694295″ linktext=”1978 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab 440 ” ] Dodge Power Wagon D 200  eBay - Google Chrome 672014 25034 PM.bmp

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