Podcast: Episode 57 – Honda's Hero

Podcast-Image-Lead-57 Kurt Antonius has what some might refer to as a career. The caps are intentional there, because I’m saying this with emphasis. Antonius spent 28 years with Honda, and basically established their PR efforts from the ground up. He’s been a part of the automaker for many years, which means he’s been involved with the launching of many important vehicles. Yes, he agreed with me that the 2000 Honda Civic Si is the best Civic of all time… just so you know. Now he’s retired, and he’s slumming it with us in the Podcast Palace. Are you ready for some excellent industry insight? You’re in luck because the episode is right on the other side of the jump. I just wish we were recording for the stuff you can’t hear. Hooniverse – Honda’s Hero Please go to iTunes and rank and review us. This helps us climb one step closer to our goal of world domination by way of the podcast. Don’t laugh, it will soon replace Dogecoins as the latest form of currency.

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