Moped Monday (why not, right?)And now I want a Ruckus…

ruckus There was a recent Hooniverse Asks post that explored the concept of cool scooters. Many great comments were laid forth that proved the idea of a cool scooter is a very real thing. I chimed in with a comment of my own that highlighted a modified Honda Ruckus. I’ve opened a rabbit hole folks, and I think the only way I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel is by taking the plunge and putting a Ruckus in my garage. ruckus 2 This specific example is listed for sale in Diamond Bar, California. It’s been lightly modified and looks as if it would serve as a great starting point to take things even further. Additionally, the sub $2k asking price is nice as well. A quick scan of the Internet leads me to believe that aftermarket parts are extremely plentiful, and this is a project I could handle with my own (poor) wrenching skill level. Thank goodness I have two project vehicles currently eating up my focus at the moment though, because I’d otherwise be strapping this down inside the rear hatch of the wagon before you finished reading this sentence. What would you do to this Ruckus if you brought it home? [Source: Craigslist]

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