Last Call- You Don't Have to be Crazy to Work Here, But it Helps Edition

Triple Threat

If you think mid-engine cars and going scrotum-flappingly fast are manifestations of the modern automotive era, think again. That up there? That’s a rear-end shot of the White-Triplex Special, and it was powered by three V12 aircraft engines – one up front, and two in the back. It was direct drive, eschewing both clutch and transmissions, and was built with the intent of capturing the land speed record. It did just that on September 22nd, 1928 when driver Ray Keech opened the taps on its combined 1500 horsepower, reaching a certified 207.55 miles per hour. Whoa doggies!

The following year, after the British had eclipsed the record, an attempt was made to once again put the Triplex on top. Keech, blaming the car’s dangerous nature refused to make the run. His mechanic, Lee Bible did agree to have a go, and was killed in the attempt.

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Image source: Wikimedia

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