Hooniverse Asks- Dashcams are Awesome, Are You Going to Get One?

Russian-car-cams-005 So did you see this clown’s attempt at insurance fraud? Seriously, that dude needs to re-think his planned source of income. Or at least add a 401K. So rife are some countries with such actions, as well as he-said/she-said accidents owed to spectacularly incompetent driving, that in a lot of places the ever-watchful dash cam is a ubiquitous and necessary accessory even for a quick trip to the 7-11. Technology is a wondrous thing and it wasn’t all that long ago that the ability to record your automotive outings was a luxury only the rich could afford. I’m sure Kanye and Kim spent their honeymoon watching the shots from their wedding trek. Today however, it’s not just affordable, it can save you some serous do-ray-me just like that dude above. That guy, if he hadn’t had the dash cam, would have been the one suffering through a body cavity search in lockup instead of the world’s worst actor. What about you, is the purchase of a dash cam on your to-do list? Do you think that society has devolved to the point where such measures are required to prevent being the victim of some fraud perpetrating scumbag? Is that what we have become? Do you think it’s conceivable that you would purchase a dash-mounted camera to always document your side of the story? Image: The Guardian

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