Last Call- Tacked-On Tach Edition

Do you remember how cool cars used to be? I mean, sure there are plenty of cool cars made now, but back in the day there was so much that you could do to make your car yours. Throw a tach on the dash, add a necker’s knob, and maybe some fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview, and man you were set. Try that today and you’ll just look like you’re trying too hard.
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Image: TheThrottle

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  1. RahRahRecords Avatar

    thats the same color (patina and all) as the dash in my Lancer

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    That is awesome. I've seen plenty that were clamped on the steering column with a big gear clamp.

  3. wheel steerington Avatar
    wheel steerington

    I miss aftermarket steering wheels

  4. 1slowvw Avatar

    Well I'm going to sidetrack this…
    I just finished swapping a 2.0L VW gas motor (which I turbocharged last winter courtesy of a turbo from a volvo) into a 1991 jetta. The car was formerly a diesel, today I was able to get the fuel system finished (gas tank/in tank pump/external pump/new lines) all installed. As well as getting the gas wiring for the fuel pump assembly all installed. Needless to say the car started right on cue with some fresh gas poured in the tank. It's the first time the shell has had a running motor in it in 5 years. I can't wait to drive it in the spring. It should reliably give me 180-200hp and in a light car it should be a hoot. The great part is because it's running on management from a 1998 I have OBD2 diagnostics!
    On topic though, when I was getting the motor sorted pre swap in the rusted out car it was in I would bungee cord a boost guage to the hood and pretend it was a hood mounted tach a la old school muscle car.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      That's going to be one quick Jetta. Tried one once, a really worn out original car – surprisingly light and nimble. It certainly betrayed its grandpa looks!

  5. northj Avatar

    I live in the north of canada? Whats a hoon? Whats with the trend of making it look like your wheels are falling off?
    And worse when did a tach on the dashbecome trying too hard? I literally made a poolball transfer case knob for
    my rusty ol toyota truck today. Am I behind the times? I think its you hipsters who are wrong!

  6. JayP2112 Avatar

    Nice pic.
    Two Lane.

  7. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    How about getting rid of the column shift linkage, cutting a hold in the tunnel and putting in a floor shifter. Even if was a three speed behind a stovebolt 6. Oh, and not a Hurst, too expensive. one of those $19.95 "economy" shifters. Dont ask……

    1. Dutch Avatar

      Mr. Gasket?

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        Mr. Gasket FTW!

      2. JoeDunlap Avatar

        Sparkomatic, I think. 47 years ago, the memory is weak……

  8. Peter the NotSoGreat Avatar
    Peter the NotSoGreat

    How is that car able to do 55 mph with an engine speed of just 1200 RPM? Either the car was idling and coasting in neutral the instant the photo was taken, or its final drive is awfully tall.

    1. JoeDunlap Avatar

      One word. Overdrive

      1. Dodgeboy Avatar

        No overdrive. That's an early 60's Mopar with the pushbutton shifted Torqueflite (unless there's a stick shift out of the picture). The buttons (matching the heater buttons in the picture) were on the left of the dash. Don't know why the RPM is so low.

        1. JoeDunlap Avatar

          Hmmmm, you have a point. Maybe he just lifted off the throttle just before snapping the picture? Or as you stated originally, really tall final drive

  9. Batshitbox Avatar

    There are a lot of cool things about my friend Bob's hot rod. He built it in the 1950s, and still has it, for one. But staying On Topic, the cool thing about the tachometer Bob tacked on to the old bird is that it has the word "Heathkit" on the face. Bob also built the tachometer.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      Oh, Heathkit. We used to think the color TV kit (the biggest thing they had in the catalog in the late '60s) would be the thing to build.

  10. r henry Avatar
    r henry

    How about the "universal" engine gauge kits? Temp, oil pressure, ammeter. I installed one in my old Pinto.

    1. JoeDunlap Avatar

      Ha! Me too! 72 2.0!

  11. ptschett Avatar

    Now I'm reminded of the black '78 F-150 (there was also a brown one; both 4×4 regular cab, 400 ci V8/C6 automatic) that was one of my dad's farm pickups into the early Naughties. From the late '80s through the end of its operational lifespan, the oil pressure gauge in the instrument cluster didn't work; its replacement was a real Bourdon-tube gauge that was attached to the dashboard by clamping it with the massive drawer the pickup had for an ashtray. I remember being alarmed at how low the oil pressure actually was (e.g.: 5 psi idling a warm engine on a summer day, 20 psi accelerating hard from a stop.)

  12. Dodgeboy Avatar

    I didn't squint hard enough to see it before but that says 'Plymouth' on the speedometer. Looks like this, huh? <img src="; width="600"> I thought it looked like my Aunt Sara's '63 Plymouth wagon that she used to let me drive when I was 17!