Last Call: Cool Dads Make Cool Kids Edition

Cool Kid
Mendel’s mother may have dressed him funny, but his dad made sure he was still the coolest kid in school.
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 
Image: Oldstox

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  1. JayP Avatar

    Culottes. Never put your lad in culottes.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    So are we no longer doing the classic captions articles anymore or something?

  3. Batshitbox Avatar

    Why does everything Lagunitas makes taste like Lagunitas IPA? (Except the Pilsner.)
    Do they just use one variety of hops, or what? I’ve been picking up their Day Time and Night Time brews, and while I like the taste of IPA in a 4,6% brew, I have to wonder if they’re just dicking me around.

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      Well, there’s always the Hairy Eyeball, if you’re more in the mood for something sickeningly sweet & out of balance.
      I like their Pils more & more, and I’m not generally a big fan of lagers.

    2. irishzombieman Avatar

      Everything I’ve had by them has been okay but not spectacular. Except Hop Stoopid, which was awful.

    3. 7FIAT's Later Avatar
      7FIAT’s Later

      More than likely they are using just one variety of yeast for all these beers and some may share the same base grain.

  4. David Avatar

    Car and Driver is reporting that Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended for taking a swing at a producer and the remainder of this year’s Top Gear season has been canceled. That is a shame, and one increasingly unhinged individual shouldn’t be allowed to kill a show loved by millions. Clearly a change is needed. Top Gear needs a new presenter – someone equally tall and with a sharp wit but a kinder, gentler approach. Someone who hates rust.
    There really is only one acceptable solution: the BBC should terminate Jeremy Clarkson’s contract effective immediately and replace him with Chris Haining.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. JayP Avatar

      I saw that as well. Clarkson is his own brand as is Harris. Harris has his own YT Channel and rakes in the bitcoins. JC has to be watching. Clarkson is 75% of TopGear with the Stig the other 20%. Tell me I am wrong.
      Either BBC is an f’ning genius to put us on the edge of our seats for season 22 or they’re a load of dimwits killing the golden goose.
      In other news, Roadkill just published a new video last week on the intertubes,

      1. wunno sev Avatar
        wunno sev

        i wouldn’t call them dimwits. clarkson may be the golden goose, but i’d have a hard time choosing a man with a reputation for punching people as my public face.

        1. dr zero Avatar
          dr zero

          Especially if they started punching folk simply because there was not hot catering provided. You’d think that on his salary he could afford his own food.
          Throw some “allegedly”s in there where appropriate.

    2. roguetoaster Avatar

      If JC were to go I think the only acceptable replacement I know of would be Tiff Needell. However, with the BBC being the BBC I think they’ll want a non-white-male presenter, and if they do that I am not sure who will carry the series or how the host dynamic will function. The real question is why did the producer take a week to complain about JCs behaviour (obligatory)?

    3. Manic_King Avatar

      Half a million people have signed the petition to BBC to reinstate Clarkson….
      Clarkson’s 3 year BBC deal ends anyway this month and other channels are ready to hire all 3 to present similar show under different name if they became available. All info there is:

  5. mdharrell Avatar

    The automotive world lost a figure of unparalleled stature recently: Bruce Baldwin Mohs passed away last month.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Sad news. No more SafariCars.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Mr. Mohs favored the spelling SafariKar.

        1. Rover 1 Avatar
          Rover 1

          I stand corrected good sir.
          I fear no-one else will make a fully covered by padded vinyl, automobile.
          Which will, of course, be to the loss of us all.

  6. ptschett Avatar

    Today I got in my 2010 Challenger, drove it to the Dodge dealership and parked in sight of my salesman’s cubicle. Took out the things I needed to keep, turned over the key(fob)s, watched it driven off to wherever trade-ins go, signed an interminable stack of papers and then wrote a check for several months’ worth of my salary (not as big as it could have been since I happen to work for one of the corporate siblings of FCA US LLC OMG BBQ.) Got a different set of key(fob)s and drove home in a blue 2015 Challenger that happens to have my name on its window sticker.
    The 2010 was an awesome car. The 2015 just might be more awesome.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

    2. 7FIAT's Later Avatar
      7FIAT’s Later

      Congrats, Challengers are awesome and that is coming from a very happy 2012 Mustang owner.

  7. Vavon Avatar

    Speaking of cool stuff and cool people… Where is Skaycog???
    I’ll leave this picture here as bait… Maybe it will lure her back!!!