Japanese Kei trucks turned into mobile gardens

For Japan, the world of car customization is an anything goes environment. You have the amazing lights and sounds of the crazy Lamborghini club. There’s the Dajiban side of things. And then, of course, you have Bosozoku and Dekotora. A more recent trend that seems to be gaining traction, according to Spoon-Tamago.com, is to use a kei truck as a mobile garden.
In fact, there are contests arising for these kei truck gardens and the entires are amazing. You’ll find landscaping contractors devoted to their art and willing to build these rolling business cards in an effort to share their passion and skill.
We have a few more to share after the jump, but head over to Spoon-Tamago to see the rest.

This one seems like a relaxing place to have a bit of coffee. We’d hide some outdoor speakers and play quiet relaxing music on a loop.

Adding an aquarium is one hell of a touch. Now it just needs to be stocked with koi. Though that could present a problem when the truck is underway.
Japan always takes a concept and turns it up several notches. The execution of these gardens on these trucks is excellent, and it’s just another reason (amongst many) that we need to get our butts to Japan.
Thanks for the tip, VolvoNut!
[Source: Spoon-Tamago via Reddit/r/MildlyInteresting]

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5 responses to “Japanese Kei trucks turned into mobile gardens”

  1. P161911 Avatar

    Are you sure these are just deliveries? Isn’t the average Japanese yard and the bed of a Kei truck about the same size?

  2. I_Borgward Avatar

    Very, very cool!
    Keeping plants moist without hauling around a ton of water around is one of the challenges involved. And, some plants do better in a continuous 60 MPH wind than others. I’ve known a few people who’ve grown succulents on their vehicles, they seem
    to the the most adaptable to vehicular life, along with mosses.
    I’m guessing there’s a lot of foam, fake rocks and light materials underneath the gardens on those kei trucks, but even so, they must weigh close to a half-ton each. Drainage, watering, feeding. Material, engineering and gardening challenges galore, all in one package! What’s not to like?

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      I don’t imagine they move a lot, and half a ton would be within the load capacity. An interesting solution for apartment living.

  3. crank_case Avatar

    Why is my first urge to think how hilarious attempting a “vertical drift” (like a bike stoppie, but funnier with slighty less road rash) would be? I need help.