Isle of Man Played Host To 250cc SuperKarts

isle of man superkarts

The Isle of Man should be renamed the Isle of Madness, since it plays host to some of the most insane racing action on the planet. Two wheeled heroics consistently play out year after year. Additionally, there are the occasional spouts of four-wheeled action that unfold on the Isle. Most recently, Mark Higgins had one of the great motorsports saves in a Subaru with Friend-of-Hooniverse Chris Cantle riding stoically in shotgun.

Today though, we’re going back a bit further. In 1990, someone strapped a camera to a 250cc SuperKart as it raced around the Isle. The resulting footage gives you a nice, low-angle view of how wild it would be to rip through the streets of this manly island.

Click on through, to the other side… (yeah)


[Source: YouTube via MotorSportsRetro]

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