Hooniverse Malaise Era Low Mileage Weekend Edition – A 1973 Buick Apollo with 8,600 Miles!

Since I am on the Weekends, I thought I would at least highlight a domestic model for the Malaise Era Low Mileage Weekend Edition, and this car practically defines the Malaise Era for the US, a Chevy Nova clone marketed by Buick. These were one of four different models that were essentially the same, and it shows that GM had a sense of humor when naming their cars. There was the Chevrolet Nova, Oldsmobile Omega, Pontiac Ventura, and Buick Apollo.

The GM Compacts of the 70s were the start of outright badge engineering for the company. Oh sure there were instances of shared chassis, and shared engines, but at least the exterior sheet metal was unique, and the interior trimmings were also distinctive within divisions. With the Chevrolet Nova, that all started to change in a big way. GM simply retooled for different grill surrounds, different front fenders and tail-lamps for the BOP triplets, and tooled up for emblems. It was all done on the cheap as almost everything about these cars were virtually identical to the original Nova.

According to the listing for this Chevrolet of Buicks;

This car was originally owned by an elderly gentlemen and only drove it two years. He couldn’t drive anymore but didn’t want to part with his favorite car. His son in law would occasionally start it and drive the car around the block. I bought it from his wife after he passed away. It was always garage kept and you can certainly tell. I keep the car garaged now.

This car has been well maintained and runs and drives great. Brakes are good, running gear is good. everything is good on it, as it should with such low mileage. Put the key in and it fires up like a charm every time. Everything in the car works. I WOULD DRIVE IT TO CALIFORNIA TODAY, EVERYTHING WORKS AMAZING! It is a two door hatchback and has the ORIGINAL 350ci V-8 with an Automatic Transmission. This was the top of the line for this car model.

It has working Power Steering and Air Conditioning. Original spare tire with the number still on it (the current tires on it are nice radials) and jack was never used. Original owner’s manual in like new condition. This car is immaculate inside and out and is certainly a one of a kind. There is NO RUST and NO LEAKS the Undercarriage is in EXCELLENT ORIGINAL SHAPE! You will not find another 1973 Buick Apollo with only 8,000 miles.

The Auction has a little over a day left as of this writing, and the opening bid is $7,000, which I think is reasonable. See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

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